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    CB 2.0 New Install

    Is it possible to do a new install with CB 2.0 as the default instead of installing CB 1.2 then upgrading to CB 2.0. In the CB 2.0 FAQ, FAQ #10 states How do I include this script by default with the DirectAdmin install? Type the following before running the Code: echo "2.0" >...
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    echo "2.0" > /root/.custombuild

    echo "2.0" > /root/.custombuild doesn't appear to work from FAQ in Debian 6. Maybe I'm missing something...
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    IPV6 Problems

    I've setup IPV6 on a VPS, however I can't get the site to show. Everything looks correct in DA. The IP [2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:***:***] brings up the correct site. The AAAA record is correct and I do not see any error messages on VPS. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Update services in CP

    I would like the ability to update php, mysql, etc.. through the admin area.
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    Restrict End User

    I plan on offering a shopping carts as a service, however I want it not to be accessed by FTP and the file viewer on DA. Anyone know an good way to accomplish this?
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    Atomic ASL

    Anyone using Atomic ASL? When I try to install I get this error: from asl-2.0 has depsolving problems --> Missing Dependency: httpd is needed by package (asl-2.0) from asl-2.0 has depsolving problems...
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    php 5.3.3 and no Zend Optimizer

    Any one have a time line on Zend Optimizer? Its been over a year! I'm getting tired of waiting and just might drop it all together.
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    Spam bypasses Anti-spam Service

    I use an Anti-spam service that uses an MX record that points to the service, passes through the appliance, then it is relayed to our server. Every once in awhile I get a spam message that seems to ignore the mx record and is sent directly to the server. Any idea how this happens? It is not...
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    Modify Multiple Users

    Is there a way to modify multiple users instead of editing each one? i.e remove spamassassin, add suspend at limit etc. Thanks!
  10. C username error

    I get the following error when trying to jail a user. cp: cannot stat `/usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/jail/su': No such file or directory Which is correct because there is no directory "su" in /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/jail I could only find one instance of $SU in the...
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    Limit User Backups

    Is there a way to limit user backups? Like max 3 user backups in the /backups?
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    Exim Mailbox Size Limits

    Can I change the "quota =" to say "quota = 104857600" so no one can have more than 100MB mailbox in Exim. I thought at one time this was somewhere listed here on the forum. virtual_localdelivery: driver = appendfile create_directory delivery_date_add directory_mode = 770...
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    Added IPs are not available

    Added new site and ip, ip will not ping or show site. any ideas........
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    SSL server IP/port conflict

    [Tue Nov 11 14:59:39 2008] [warn] Init: SSL server IP/port conflict: (/usr/local/direc... [warn] Init: You should not use name-based virtual hosts in conjunction with SSL!! Is this because the shared sites are using the server's ip?
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    Can not start apache

    fullstatus shows Looking up localhost Making HTTP connection to localhost Alert!: Unable to connect to remote host. lynx: Can't access startfile http://localhost/server-status ANY help!
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    License Update

    I sent in a request to update a license(new ip,etc) early this morning. I am in a rush and I wanted to if I ordered a new license, are they provisioned immediately or would I still have to wait for support?
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    Mailbox size

    When creating and email account you can enter 0 or some amount for the mailbox size. Is it possible to override the email quota setting to say like 100meg for all accounts on the server? or by account? Could I edit the template and hide the email quota and add a hidden field with email quota...
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    Using an external Mailserver

    Allow admin/reseller to remove the local mail server.
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    Help!!!!!! Accidentally removed reseller!

    I mistaknely deleted a reseller, now all those sites are down, I have all the file I just don't which ones to recover! Help!
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    How to add preview and shared ssl for all domains

    This will allow all domains to be share ssl and preview all domains instead of using ~username. This my first how to so please be kind. :) All domains example: Instructions: Please backup any files! cd...