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    Problem parsing html as php since setting php-fpm instead of mod_php

    On my VPS in Custombuild I changed php1_release from mod_php to php-fpm, version 5.6. I have some sites where the following 2 lines in htaccess were working perfectly to get html parsed as php, when I had mod_php: AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .htm .html AddType application/x-httpd-php...
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    How to let the php version selector show 4 php versions instead of 2

    I updated Custombuild and DA to the latest version, and -using the Custombuild panel - set 4 php versions under 'Edit options' > php1/2/3/4_release. Then rebuilt php, apache. But in my users' domain settings I still see only 2 php versions to choose from in the version selector. What do I need...
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    Php7 not running when viewing files through ip address instead of domain

    I have the following problem with php7 and Custombuild2: In Custombuild (v2.0.0, rev: 1950) I have selected: php1_release: 5.6 php1_mode: php-fpm php2_release: 7.2 php2_mode: mod_php And rebuilt php and apache of course. When I select php7 for a user in DirectAmdin, all is fine when I view...