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  1. Richard G

    Centos 8 install issues

    I'm installing DA on a VPS with Centos 8 and have seen lots of warnings passing by and some errors. I managed to catch a few of them. During installation of MariaDB I've seen this passing (epel repo is installed): Don't know if I can safely ignore this. Also at the end, I don't use the CB...
  2. Richard G

    Files-de mirror not functioning

    I'm installing a fresh vps with Centos 8. I used the option to search for the fastest mirror and it became as fastest. When trying to install I got this: Firstly some http 404 error about file not found and then this: I've found this...
  3. Richard G

    Phpmyadmin blank page on auto login (bug?)

    I've enabled auto login on all servers some time ago for phpmyadmin. Works as designed on one server, but on another one we get a blank page instead of phpmyadmin. This is when logging in as reseller, then list users, login as a user and then choose to enter phpmyadmin. So I compared url's and...
  4. Richard G

    DKIM for all domains except which have one

    Hello. I want to create DKIM records for all domains which do not have one yet. And in this help section, I found this line: echo "action=rewrite&value=dkim" >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue So this looks fine, I just want to be sure it will only generate records on domains which do...
  5. Richard G

    Imagick update issue

    Have imagick running on 2 servers. After update to 8.02 this is happening on both servers PHP Warning: Version warning: Imagick was compiled against ImageMagick version 1801 but version 1802 is loaded. Imagick will run but may behave surprisingly in Unknown on line 0 PHP Warning: Version...
  6. Richard G

    What does unit=no mean?

    Or is there somewhere a page with all options.conf settings like there is also for directadmin.conf settings? I just discovered a unit=x setting which by default is unit=no but I don't know what it's for.
  7. Richard G

    [feedback] Close the "Reselling Directadmin" forum part.

    Or close it for new threads. Some people don't understand internal licenses are not allowed to be sold. Others still don't understand that lifetime licenses transfers are not supported by DA anymore and should not be sold anymore. And if you sell the account, there is always a risk with payment...
  8. Richard G

    DKIM read error, can this be ignored?

    In the /var/log/exim/paniclog these lines seen to appear fairly regularly: 2020-02-03 23:37:54 1iykLo-00036e-Cl unable to open file for reading: /etc/virtual/ 2020-02-04 02:43:17 1iynF4-0006ng-Bd unable to open file for reading...
  9. Richard G

    Newaliases command missing on new install

    Freshly installed a new VPS with Centos 7. Seems now the newaliases command is missing which is normally installed with Exim. Well... installed.. it's in fact a symlink to /user/sbin/exim but still... it's not made. So I created the symlink myself. Is this a bug or why is it missing?
  10. Richard G

    550-Verification failed for <>

    Installed a new VPS with external nameserver for a friend with personal license. But maybe I did something wrong, I normally never use external nameservers so in DA they are not mentioned. CSF is trying to send mail to me, I get this on my mail addres: SMTP error from remote mail server after...
  11. Richard G

    Warning: mysqld.service changed on disk. Run 'systemctl daemon-reload' to reload units.

    We got 2 servers which have the same MariaDB version 10.2.30. One 1 server, no warnings are given. On the other server, every time when I give the command: systemctl status mariadb Sometimes it takes a bit longer before the command finishes, but always this line appears: It doesn't matter if...
  12. Richard G

    Errors on fresh DA install with mariadb

    For a friend I'm installing a VPS with DA. Fresh installation done. The editted the options.conf and changed mariadb to 10.2 and mysql_inst to mariadb. Then did ./build update and the ./build update_versions command. It looked fine in the beginning but then...
  13. Richard G

    How to disable mail for pointers?

    I have some pointers, but I only want them to point to my main domain, nothing else. Now I can put them as real domains and create a redirect, but then I got some non-important data on /home/user/domains which I don't want there. At this moment it says YES onder "local mail". But they should...
  14. Richard G

    Ubuntu does not start after update.

    It's not really DA related, but a friend of mine has an Ubuntu 18.04 server. Last night he just did a apt-get update and apt-get upgrade and everything was working find. There was a notice that there was a new grub and if he wanted to use that or keep the current for the moment. He choose the...
  15. Richard G

    Changelog update exim.conf please?

    I see there is a new exim.conf released. But I don't see a changelog for it. The last changelog in the files overview was for 4.5.17, I'm running 4.5.18 and now 4.5.19 is released. What are the changes for 4.5.18 and 19 please? Or can somebody update the changelog?
  16. Richard G

    2nd ip not visible anymore??

    Hello. I don't know if something changed in Centos 7 or if something changed with Directadmin. Previously in SSH when running the ifconfig command, I could see both ip's, so both ethernet devices, for example the real one eth0 and the one made by Directadmin being eth0:0 in this example and...
  17. Richard G

    all relevant MX records point to non-existent hosts on local server

    We have a customer which had his site with us. A couple of years ago he moved his site to another host but wanted to keep the mail with us. We had to change the nameservers at the registrar to the nameservers of this other host because of the use of some website builder on their subdomain. Now...
  18. Richard G

    Certificate Chain, negative days???

    I just checked a private domain of mine which has a valid and good working Letsencrypt certificat. I used this site to check: The this was visible under Certificate Chain: -346 days remaining 4096 bit sha256WithRSAEncryption...
  19. Richard G

    Odd DMARC reject, how come? Also on auto forwarders

    I tested my SPF, DKIM and DMARC records on various testing sites and they look good I've looked it up and a notification of a script update of Softaculous is send to a customor of ours. What I can see from the mail log, it looks send as instead of a mailadres I...
  20. Richard G

    Can't connect to ssl! errors in logfile

    I'm having loads of ssl errors on all servers in the Directadmin error.log file. Showing all these lines: 2019:10:06-17:02:16: Can't connect to ssl! 2019:10:06-17:02:16: -> A failure in the SSL library occurred, usually a protocol error. 2019:10:06-17:02:16: ->...