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    Combining Spamblocker and Mailscanner

    Hi Folks, Has anyone running Spamblocker and Mailscanner together? If so, how did you manage to do that?
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    Remove access to add domain

    Goodmorning, Is it possible to remove user acces to add/change a domain?
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    Forum SPAM

    Is it possible to do something about the forum spam? It's really annoying :mad:
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    u_welcome.txt vars

    Goodevening guys, Is there somewhere a complete list of vars that can be used in the u_welcome.txt ??
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    apache stopping and starting ?

    Goodevening, Any idea why apache would stop and start in the middle of the day? Aug 23 21:55:03 server httpd: httpd shutdown succeeded Aug 23 21:55:03 server httpd: httpd startup succeeded Aug 23 21:55:04 server proftpd: proftpd -HUP succeeded Aug 23 21:55:04 server sshd: sshd -HUP succeeded...
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    Spamblocker or Mailscanner

    Goodmorning everyone. I have a little question.. Can anyone explain to me what the pro's & con's for spamblocker or mailscanner are in the fight against spam? So in short: which one is preffered?