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    Exim - Process all queue when startup

    Hello Forum, Yesterday we had a problem in the office. When I see the server, the server was sick in all their services, was impossible to access using root and password. When I took the decision to reboot, the System tried to boot normally but the system was unable to do it... then the...
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    How to update FreeBSD Server

    Hello Forum. I have a FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE #0: Sun Feb 24 19:59:52 UTC 2008 Server. I want to know if exists any way to update my server without make DA crash. Actually I need to install snmp to monitor my server with cacti, but if anything goes wrong my boss will kill me...
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    exim send mail using webmail but is not recieving mails

    Hello forum When I send a mail from the webmail this message arrieve to the destination. But when I try to reply this mail, it never comes. Paste the transaction related to my mail, when I tried to send it from It never arrieves to the destination domain. Some clue please...
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    Flush exim queue - EMERG

    Hello, I'm having problems to flush/remove mails from que exim queue. Excesive mails are queued and is impossible to remove from queue. I tried this to remove all the mails from this domain (but does not work) When I do to remove mails from more the 15days in queue appears And finally i...
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    Block domains

    Hi All. Few days ago we realized that one domain is using our platform to send mails easily. (As Spam and Relayed) We want to block the source IP address but the domains is using many IPs from many servers around the world (as a zombie). I just edit the file blacklist_domain to attemp to...
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    Spam troubles

    Hi Forum A few days ago one of my customers is complaining that all your recieved mails are delivered to INBOX.spam folder. When I can see the header apperars something related to y2k10 bug. Y do the suggested changes from : to I do restart exim in FreeBSD. but the problems continues...
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    Install DA Custom Install

    Hi Forum, today I recently install DA on a new FreeBSD7.1-p6RELEASE using custom install. My installation finish successfully without any kind of issues But appears in the promt the follow message. When I do httpd start appears the following issue, someone knows how to fix it, due I can't see...
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    Uebimiau - Attachments

    Hi Forum, One of my customers reported, that when try to upload an attachement over then 10MB, it is not shown in the attachment bar. Someone knows any way to increase the max_attachment_size for Uebimiau and DA Enviroment. Even, I increased the memory_limit in /usr/local/lib/php.ini from 60MB...
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    SMTP data timeout (message abandoned) on connection from

    Hi Forum, What's the origin of this issue In my log I can watch the following It's is due a spam problems, like a send a mail from a listed IP Address, or may be other causes...