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  1. NoBaloney2

    Bug uploading mysql backup?

    DirectAdmin 1.45.4 When logged in as reseller, as admin, or as end user, trying to upload a mysql backup .gz file: I get this error message from my Chrome browser: This webpage is not available The connection to was interrupted...
  2. NoBaloney2

    Sieve (Pigeonhole) not working

    On new servers I've been doing CustomBuild installs, but using my own exim conf file from my site, configured manually to work with Sieve. This has worked previously when I've done the Sieve installs manually following suggestions in these forums. With the new installs, I use CustomBuild 2, I...
  3. NoBaloney2

    LFD defaults for csf.pignore

    I've decided I don't want the hundrds of email I get (almost continually) from LFD but I want it to keep running. I've tried putting what I've often thoght right in csf.pignore, and I've even restarted lfd each time though I'm not sure it's necessary. But I've not seen significant results. Do...
  4. NoBaloney2

    [Solved] SpamAssassin install fails with perl error

    SpamAssassin has always been the biggest problem I've had with DirectAdmin installs, and this time is no exception. Referring to some old threads first, but only for historical reference: installing spamassassin through custombuild fails Feb 07, 2013 That time it was a dependency problem, but...
  5. NoBaloney2

    Client needs ExecCGI

    My client needs ExecCGI. I found the old thread here: but nothing there is working. It worked on a previous system, which broke and now client's websites don't work on replacement system. When I tried the steps from here...
  6. NoBaloney2

    changed reseller message but default is sent

    This problem is occurring on the same erver that I've written about previously today. I restored accounts to it from a failed server. As admin I select a reseller, change the default reseller message from the control panel, resend it, and the original default one still gets sent. So I check the...
  7. NoBaloney2

    IP# assignments totall wrong on newly built server

    Please see this old thread for referene: Is this the only way to do it? I've got a totally messed up set of ip# assignment files. We had a server crash, so we restored to a new one. But we used a new IP# for the new server...
  8. NoBaloney2

    Error converting to Custombuild2

    Following exactly the step-by-step instructions in these forums for converting to CustomBuiild 2 I ran into these errors, which stopped as shown. Any ideas? Failed loading /usr/local/lib/ /usr/local/lib/ undefined symbol: php_body_write Zend...
  9. NoBaloney2

    How to do rDNS

    Herewith, in response to a question in another thread, is my How-To on installing rDNS within DirectAdmin, for an entire IP delegation. While this example is for a Class C delegation (256 IP#s), it doesn't require much in the way of changes to change the delegation size. Note that we offer rDNS...
  10. NoBaloney2

    New Idea: Checking for outgoing spam

    The exim users list has an interesting post today: Let's open this for discussion... should we implement this or similar? Jeff
  11. NoBaloney2

    automatic YUM update question

    One of my clients, experimenting with YUM, is trying to automate YUM updates, and he hasn't found a way to do it with CentOS 6. Has anyone successfully set up automated YUM updates with CentOS 6? If so, please share your experiences and your knowledge. Jeff
  12. NoBaloney2

    Need Settings for Outlook Express on DirectAdmin using Dovecot

    One of my clients can't get Outlook Express set up to use email accounts from one of our servers. I don't have Windows so I can't test. Does anyone have a known working configuration for Outlook Express to work on a standard DirectAdmin / Dovecot installation? Or must I set up an old Windows...
  13. NoBaloney2

    New Log Retention Requirements for USA-based hosters?

    The U.S. legislature may soon pass the Protect IP Act, also known as PIPA, which would among other requirements, require that U.S. based hosting companies be forced to keep logs for 18 months,and give them up to Homeland Security on demand. While I'm not as bearish on the future of the entire...
  14. NoBaloney2

    Looking for small dedicated server or VPS in UK

    I'm looking for a small dedicated server or VPS in the UK. Direct Admin license NOT required; I bring my own. Please call or email; do NOT leave PM because I may not see it. Please do not leave your reply here. We can pay either in pounds or in dollars. You may call any time, 24/7: London...
  15. NoBaloney2

    proftpd virtual ftp user login problems

    We're having problems with virtual ftp user logins. I've done some research and here's what I'm finding: When I create a new virtual ftp user ([email protected]) in the DirectAdmin control panel, the file at /usr/local/directadmin/datga/users/example/ftp.passwd DOES get updated, but the...
  16. NoBaloney2

    anyone have a debian4 netinstall iso

    I need a debian 4 netinstall ISO. Do you have one you can upload somewhere for me to download? Or do you have a working link to one? If so please let me know; I'd really appreciate it. (I need this some time today/tonight, if possible.) Thanks! Jeff
  17. NoBaloney2

    Spam being sent via smtp to localhost

    We've got a spammer sending through one of our servers: What we're seeing is a spammer who's sending mail by an smtp connection to exim from the localhost ( The logs don't show us what user is making the connection. We really need to allow mail from or our webmail won't...
  18. NoBaloney2

    The Planet old EV1 datacenter down

    If you're hosted at the old EV1 DataCenter at the Planet, you're down. If you're hosted with one of their many resellers or folk who have their own dedicated server farms there, you're down. They're in the midst of a fire emergency: Jeff
  19. NoBaloney2

    SpamBlocker3.1-beta is ready

    SpamBlocker3.1-beta is ready; it fixes multiple problems including the runaway spam first noted by some users approximately 10-Feb-2008. The files and readme details may be found at: Note that this release requires...