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    Pro Pack?

    I still have "lifetime licence" Is there any way to buy propack for that licence ?
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    Mysql don't add password to accounts

    Hello I added user(alert_kisiek) to database but they can't log via remotly . I have to change that user password via phpmyadmin on account alert_kisiek@% to start it working . How can i fix it ? Earlier it was working ok . Result from phpmyadmin on screen . In such configuration is working .
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    Username with Capital

    HI I need add user with only FTP access with PLI-99999 that login . Direct admin don't accept capital letter as first in username . I need to add it urgent. How can i do that? Username don't have to be backuped only ftp/ftps access . Any idea. Manualy add to proftpd.passwd don't work .
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    Fresh install

    Hi guys Today i want to install DA on centos 5.6 x86_64 custombuild default php 5 php 5 cgi php 4 cli And i've got problem with install on fresh os any idea how to fix it ?
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    Small job

    Hi I'm sorry for my poor english. In next week i'm going to setup my server so i need few things to do 1. PHP 5 in Fastcgi + suexec/suphp 2. Install and configure APC or something like this 3. Security issuse on server 4. Install and configure danginx Sent email /admin(@@@) or...
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    need to fix my php on my server. After my work everyhing is fail pay via paypal PM me or better mail t.kisielewski at . IT's urgent for me
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    Server Admin

    I need someone urgent to help me install directadmin on Debian 4 PM me or skype kisiek
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    I don't know how to upgrade my php to litespeed with php4/php5 To hard tutorial on wiki is any one know how to do it easy without any problems ?
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    Quota problem

    I just installed DA on Debian 4.0 when i try to add user it showing me How can i fix it ?
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    Mysql + php

    I have many accounts using php and html but there is few accounts that using php+mysql and there is the problem . Sites not showing :/ i don't know how to fix it
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    Hmmm I've just bought DA licence and install it on my second server . Now i want to migrate all my accounts what i have on my first server with webmin .Can someone tell me step by step how to do that . P.S I don't have any money to pay someone for that i bought DA licence