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  1. Tafaz

    DirectAdmin 1.63.2 has been released

    Hi, i don't know if i'm in the right place to report an Evolution skin issue, after upgrading from Directadmin 1.62.9 to 1.63.2 i noticed that in the user list the users near the usage limits and the ones that are overquota, are not highlighted anymore. I did some checks and have found that in...
  2. Tafaz

    DirectAdmin 1.62.9 has been released

    I confirm it works on 1.63.0, thank you!
  3. Tafaz

    DirectAdmin 1.62.9 has been released

    Not at the moment, as far as I could investigate when you click on the Upload button below the uploaded image the action send an empty POST request, that's why Directadmin gives an error, it's probably a skin/js problem
  4. Tafaz

    DirectAdmin 1.62.9 has been released

    Hi, since DirectAdmin 1.62.9 have been released i can't customize the evolution skin logo anymore, everytime i try to upload a new logo i get this error: "Cannot Execute Your Request Please pick only one skin to apply" I've also tested on a 1.62.7 and worked well, then i updated and the problem...
  5. Tafaz

    Can not change email user password from roundcube

    It's a problem in /var/www/html/roundcube/plugins/password/drivers/directadmin.php when force_hostname is set in directadmin.conf, the password driver tries to redirect to the correct hostname but it will overwrite the parameters sent with an empty string, to avoid this edit...
  6. Tafaz

    Compress mail manually (

    @smtalk today i was trying to compress an email account i got since 2008 and i noticed that some directories were skipped because the way your script search email files to compress don't consider files like this,S because it doesn't have the size part in...
  7. Tafaz

    Backup Restore feature

    Hi, i've faced last days an annoying problem, i have 5 servers and two of them are also dns server for the hosted domains connected with Multiserver, i need to move domains from a server that will be turned off so i've made a backup from Admin Backup and moved to another machine. When i tried to...
  8. Tafaz

    Apache permissions when creates directories

    hi all i'm nearly new to directadmin and i'm having some problems with permissions when i create a new domain i chmod uploads directories to be writeable from anyone so apache/php can upload files on them, but if apache/php try to create subdirs i got some permissions problems, here's an...