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    Problems after remove_items: can't read /usr/local/lib/ No such file or directory

    Hello, I've found the lingering curly bits causing the issue. The PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable was set to /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig, which housed some leftover curl bits, which is why that path was used. The short of it, to clear the old curl, you'd do: da build doMigrateToSystemCurl which could...
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    [Exim order issue] The bad_sender_hosts_ip does not work with cidr's?

    Hi guys, Thanks for the report. I've shifted the check around. The new exim.conf is here: with the diff...
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    Cannot test domains condition in MAIL ACL

    Hi guys, Thanks for the report. We've revoked version 4.5.38, please downgrade to 4.5.37. If a better solution is found, we'll push 4.5.39. John
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    lfd service shows no memory usage in Service Monitor

    Thanks for the report. Issue has been found and fixed. Was caused by the "lfd - sleeping 1234" output from ps, where the awk was counting the "-" character instead of the 4th column for this sleeping state. I've just changed it to be $2+$4 to handle this case The nightly alpha binaries should...
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    Domain management - issues delete domain

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the info. Seems like there's something hidden, not getting removed for these cases. 1) For the WordPress tools.php, that sounds like a chattr +i issue, or something like that, possibly root owned, else ownership issue, not too sure. Either way, that error itself might be...
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    Deleting user with CMD_API_SELECT_USERS sometimes has empty result

    The PIPE HAS BROKEN is on the right track for tracing it. Looking at the code, that will pop up if either: Tthe "write" call to the raw socket returns an error. For that case, there should be something in /var/log/directadmin/error.log starting with "Socket write error" providing more info...
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    Deleting user with CMD_API_SELECT_USERS sometimes has empty result

    If we see the "Dynamic" output, then DA is "sending" the output. Why it's not making it to the script is unknown.. Running with debug level "23" is specific to the Send class, in case that's gives any extra output. I'm not sure if it's possibly time related? Eg: a larger account might take...
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    License Key hashes: New method for installs/ and

    Each license now has a "License Key Hash" (LK Hash). A long set of characters to define your license. If you've updated your DA/license.key even semi-recently, you can check:./directadmin lto view the license info and license_key= value. If it's showing the text, then you're all set. If not...
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    Bug: da_sso_<ID> user does not belong to you when deleting a database FYI, should be fixed in the "alpha" binaries now. It will be in the next release (after 1.63.5), as 1.63.5 is already locked in the release candidate phase. Also, after testing, it does...
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    unblock_bfm_ips error: A valid IP was not provided

    Thanks for the report. I've just added a change to reword: A valid IP was not provided To now be: A valid IP was not provided (%s) Info: '%s' where () will contain the IP address. This will be in the Alpha binaries in about ~12+ hours. After updating, let me know what the value of the (IP) is...
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    crontab conversion from DA 1.61.5 to DA 1.63.3

    I'm honestly not 100% sure as to "why" the code causes what it does, but I believe it's related to this: if [ "$0" = "ksh" ] || [ "$0" = "-ksh" ] ; then alias which='(alias; typeset -f) | /usr/bin/which --tty-only --read-alias --read-functions --show-tilde --show-dot' else alias...
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    crontab conversion from DA 1.61.5 to DA 1.63.3

    Ah, I've seen this once. It was debugged down an issue with the OS itself. As it was only once, we suspected something specific to that box. If there are more reports, then there's more to it. For general reference, the ticket in this case is #36411, also using Alma Linux 8. We narrowed it...
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    DirectAdmin v1.63.4 RC After restore a backup from another server a nginx function normaly white page

    Hmmm.. check:/var/log/directadmin/system.log to see if an nginx restart/reload was attempted. Hard to say beyond that if the nginx.conf was already rewritten... as the next thing to check would be if the nginx.conf had the correct data in it. I've just tested here, but was unable to reproduce...
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    License Key hashes: New method for installs/ and

    DirectAdmin is now powered by a more efficient, more secure, and more feature-rich licensing system. Instead of relying on the traditional Client ID / License ID / IP address combination, we now offer a secure license key that is used to install DirectAdmin freely wherever you go. There's no...
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    Issue with SSL restores from AUTO SSL certificate.

    Hello, To clarify, only certs created either by pasting them through the GUI (eg: Comodo paid certs), or LetsEncrypt certs created there via the wildcard/subdomain checkboxes, will be backed up/restored. Any auto-ssl certificaites (eg: "Best Match") option are not backed up, and not restored...
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    Nginx URL Rewrites do not work: nginx reload not triggered automatically

    Thanks for the report. Bug found/fixed and will be in the alpha channel in about 10 minutes if you need to give it a try. It will eventually be merged into production branches. John
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    DirectAdmin 1.62.7 has been released

    Hello, We've released DirectAdmin 1.62.7 as a hotfix to address License IP Mismatch errors on some NAS boxes. John
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    DirectAdmin 1.62.6 has been released

    Hello, DirectAdmin 1.62.6 has been released. This is a hotfix release to address the "Brotoli BestSpeed" SSL compressor issue. This compressor has been removed for now, and we'll re-add it with the new version once we have time to test it out. To get the update, go to: Admin Level »...
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    DirectAdmin 1.62.5 has been released

    Thanks for the reports. 1) md5 issue: Looks like one of the much older update boxes not in use with newer DA versions, but updating from an older version might still be touching it. Updated to properly use the new channels. 2) "License IP Mismatch": report that the IPs are simply not in the...
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    DirectAdmin 1.62.5 has been released

    Yes, the build script does DA update requests through the task.queue, which is called by the dataskq. As long as it's done through the DA binaries, it will respect the channels.