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    How-to: cPanel to DA migration

    Yeah I understand, what you say is reasonable, but what you suggest is a fair bit more work that will take some time :) - The other option is to reset your passwords immediately after using it, but even so I understand you wouldn't know if it did something malicious before completing its work...
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    How-to: cPanel to DA migration

    I've created a new Migration tool to help our resellers move from WHM to DirectAdmin, but this is a free tool for anyone to use, for any Host/servers as long as the host has an FTP service. Basically it automates the backup and transfer process and will also rename the backup files from...
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    DA Plugin developer - Show Reseller Accounts in cPanel style & Master Reseller

    DAreseller has just been released, it is a new Alpha / Master reseller plugin for DirectAdmin.
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    Master Reseller for DirectAdmin

    Yes - DAreseller V1.0 is a new DirectAdmin plugin that supports Alpha & Master Resellers.
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    How to create a Master Reseller

    DAreseller is the DirectAdmin version of WHMreseller, it has just been released.
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    DAreseller V1.0 Released ! The first Alpha/Master Multi-Reseller plugin for DirectAdmin

    DAreseller V1.0 has now been released ! What is DAreseller? The first Alpha/Master multi-reseller plugin for DirectAdmin, in other words it's the DirectAdmin version of WHMreseller. It adds 2 new levels of Reselling to DirectAdmin servers, these are Alpha & Master Resellers. Alpha Resellers...