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  1. cprompt

    Weird hostname errors.

    I am getting this warning every day and cannot find the root cause: I have replace the real server name with "" in this quote. The weird bit is the It's like DA can't deduce what the server's real host name is? I have followed instructions on setting the host name both on...
  2. cprompt

    Squirrelmail moved? (version 1.4.11)

    I have had trouble restoring Squirrelmail data from a server running 1.4.10 to a box running 1.4.11. None of the address book files or user preferences come across although they are definitely in the backup tar. The owner of the box running 1.4.11 reports to me that the data folder for...
  3. cprompt

    Extended header errors when restoring backups

    I am having a similar problem restoring a backup from one DA server to another as describe here: Restoring the backup at reseller level I am pulling the file from the other server directly. I get this error on tyring to restore: Unable to...
  4. cprompt

    Apache upgrade problem on Centos 4.1

    Has anyone else had issues running the Apache2 upgrade script on Centos 4.1? It's always run smoothly on my other boxes running Centos 3.x but this is the first server I've had supplied with Centos 4 and the "build php_ap2" stage fails with the following errors: I've Googled around to no...