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    Non-restrictive Reseller Hosting wanted

    I need DirectAdmin reseller hosting, reasonable price, preferably with unmetered resources. Requirements: DirectAdmin control panel PHP 5.6 or higher Roundcube webmail software by default Free migration service from current DirectAdmin provider Flexible pricing plans 1, 2, 3 months - not 12...
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    Redirect from non-www to www

    I need to do 301 redirects from the non-www version of the website to the www version, for all my domains. Thus far, I've been doing it via an htaccess file which I manually create and upload via FTP to the root. The problem is, the moment I use DirectAdmin's Site Redirection feature to...
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    Macintosh-friendly hosting wanted

    Looking for Macintosh-friendly reseller hosting with datacenter and office preferably on the US East Coast. Requirements: • Support and good knowledge of DirectAdmin • ***RELIABILITY*** I am sick and tired of servers that are down every other day for hours at a time, and support reps who are...