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    how to setup a dns record to recevie report for dmarc report from other domains ?

    From this article should i do exactly the same as instructed from the above article ? i.e. TXT "v=DMARC1"
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    A client keep receiving a email message generated from directadmin

    A new message or response with subject: Error during automated certificate renewal for has arrived for you to view. Follow this link to view it: ================================ Automated Message Generated by...
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    How to update Roundcube webmail?

    I found that the roundcube running in the hosting server is pretty one. it is 0.9.5 I found that the latest version is 1.2.x How could i update the roundcube in the server ?
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    cannot generate let's encrypt cert for domain

    I filled following info for a domain When I clicked save, it return "Cannot Execute Your Request" Cannot Execute Your Request Details Generating 4096 bit RSA key for let's encrypt account... openssl genrsa 4096 > "/usr/local/directadmin/data/users/intaladmin/letsencrypt.key" Generating...
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    let's encrypt cannot recgonize my custom DNS A record

    I have a custom template, which add a A record i.e. webmail for each newly created domain. However, in the Let's Encrypt Certificate Entries, it cannot recongize the only following are available (I guess these are directadmin default A records)
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    by default installation of DA, did Exim support secure smtp connection ?

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    setup secondary name servers

    Currently, my linux box is hosted all services, web, db, name server. Our name server will handle all dns queries of our clients . Now I want to setup secondary name server(s) on other vps cloud. Should I just setup a secondary(slave) dns on vps cloud, and then make a master/slave transfer ...
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    how to unblock a ip due to number of ssh login fail attempted ?

    where to unblock a ip ? Now my pc cannot access even DA
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    how to add a custom server alias in a domain name ?

    By default, directadmin only added two apache server alias in apache config I want to add one more How to do that ?
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    how to change dns, apache default template ?

    I would like to add webmail dns A record in bind and add redirection to roundcube url for each of new created account
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    regarding login username of roundcube webmail

    I found that roundcube username login is just used simply a username without email domain. For instance, abcd wiill be roundcube login username for It may cause username conflict with created by others. Is it possible to login with full email address ?
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    regaing mail outgoing rate control of exim

    since directadmin use exim as mail server and I'm new on exim (ie I was a postfix user) Is there any config option in direct admin web control panel to adjust the mail outgoing rate ? if there isn't exist, how to I control the mail outgoing rate in Exim? The purpose of this is to prevent...
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    Relocate server...

    Our company is going to rent a dedicated server from another hosting company. Is it possible to export ALL current directadmin settings and configuration and import to the new server ?
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    cannot delivery mail (from local server) to email hosted on google app

    One of website who domain is hosted in my dns server and domain email is hosted on google app. I have added necessary records in the my dns server thru directadmin to work with google app. People from outside can send email to this domain's user. Users can recived emails from gmail google app...
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    what to do if host client's website only ?

    My client registered a domain name from He only want to put website on our hosting but no name server needed. He configured WWW A record in namecheap pointed to our server ip. Then what should I do with DA ? Add a new domain ? Since DA will add a dns zone file in name server but...
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    who can share your backup solution ?

    The backup in DA only provide one copy of backup, new backup will overwrite the old backup copy. However I want to keep daily backup store on a remote backup server. I'm wondering what is the workflow of backup. My thought is - create a separate backup folder e.g. /backup - create my own...
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    Why domain counted as 2 in Admin level ?

    Actually there is only one domain in this server. Is the count included the server hostname ? say in additional to
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    The first user cannot logon webmail with the DA's password

    I created a user package which only allowed for one email user. I created a user with this package but I found that this user cannot login to webmail with the password I assigned. He can login to DA but webmail. The DA's password is different from webmail of the first user ?