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    Awstats bug with 0.37.0

    Steps to reproduce: # Create a domain (http://domain/) # Create a domain pointer (http://domain2/) # Create an accessible URL for awstats (for example, http://domain/awstats) # Try reaching this URL from the pointer # Awstats will not load. All my customers have been informed about this bug...
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    1 user, multiple domains, SSL

    Hi all, To put it simply: I have 1 user with 38 domains. 3 of them need SSL. The certificates are all ready, but I cannot use 4 IPs for 1 user? So far, I've always solved this by using multiple users, but is this possible with only 1 user? Tom
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    Spamassassin config per-domain..

    My DirectAdmin User-level account has over 200 domains attached to it. 50 of them being pointers, leaves 150 domains in the list. I decided I might need a spamfilter, so I configured Spamassassin etc, about 3 months ago. Had it append ****SPAM**** only, and it seems to work perfectly. Luckily...