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    Is anyone here planning to go to HostingCon this month? cPanel has their own conference in Houston this October. Would anyone be interested in going to a DirectAdmin-focused conference? In the US? Or, where? There has never been a DirectAdmin conference or meetup...
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    Customizing global Apache config

    Hello, Is there any documented way to customize files in /etc/httpd/conf/extra/* and have the changes persist across updates? For example, I'd like to allow DELETE command which is disabled by default in the <Limit ..> directive in httpd-directories.conf (via httpd-directories-new/old.conf)
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    how-to: build php with proper imap support

    problem: on centos, the libc-client package is compiled with a low "FD_SETSIZE" limit (I assume 256). when adding imap support to php, compiling against the default libc-client RPMs, this will cause Apache to segfault if Apache has over 256 open file descriptors. All active apache logs count...
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    Installation problem - CentOS

    I am having trouble with a new DirectAdmin installation. This is on a CentOS 3.1 server fresh install. During the CentOS install, I only installed development and system tools. I then installed bind, webalizer, and apache manually by RPM because the install script complained that they were...