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  1. shanti

    Login-page enhancement

    i would love to see an option for additional info on the login page: e.g. a js that grabs the last 5 items from a rss-feed into a div siding next to div.login-form like described in br -c-
  2. shanti

    letsencrypt issues within skin

    hello, i accidently opened a ticket instead of reporting here: ( ) in evolutionskin i cannot use wildcard-letsencrypt when letcencrypt is set to "2" in directadmin.conf it may work with with letsencrypt=1 but...
  3. shanti

    issues with symantec-smtp-blocking

    Hi, Our customers repeatedly have issues sending mails to domains being protected by Albeit its always a temporary issue, its such an annoying behavior, giving our customers impressions of bad service. we implemented monitoring for this behavior e.g.: +2020-02-10 14:03:20...
  4. shanti

    error building exim-

    building exim on debian (stretch) actually breaks with: tls.c:23:3: error: #error One of USE_OPENSSL or USE_GNUTLS must be defined for a TLS build though it builds using export USE_OPENSSL=yes any ideas how to fix it ? br -c-
  5. shanti

    roundcube custombuild & composer

    Hello please implement composer-action in roundcubes-custombuild: therefore custombuild should consider templates from custom/roundcube/composer.json furthermore a postbuild command like '$composer update --no-dev -o --apcu-autoloader' should be run postbuild in '/var/www/html/roundcube'...
  6. shanti

    add notes field to database-create and overview

    Please add a "notes"-field to /CMD_DB_CREATE and /CMD_DB I hereby request too add a "notes"-field to provide more detailed info about a given database. This may be interresting for severals since mysql has a limit to create db-users and db-names over a certain string-length (16?). Given...
  7. shanti

    DA refuses to create CSR - complaining about invalid characters

    Hello In 2015 i created a CSR for a customer which also contained the characters '.()' in the OU .. [like 'Will Black e.U. (FN 22656v) ' ].. that cert is an E.V.-cert and the format was a requirement by the National-CA according to local law, and this worked and the site runs since then. (...
  8. shanti

    REQ: dialdice support // higher password complexity

    Hello, I would like to see support for Dialdice-like passwords in Directadmin that coexist next to the advanced password-complexity-requirements of DA. my goal: Next to the possibility of choosing very complex passwords (UPPERlowercase + numbers + special-chars + minimumlength) , i would like...
  9. shanti

    systemd issue after upgrade - httpd.service ( systemd service start timeout )

    Hi, I had an issue with httpd.service after upgrading to apache 2.4.23 -apache2.4:2.4.20:e725c268624737a163dc844e28f720d1 +apache2.4:2.4.23:b711ea7d8b75dc8bfdf5a5d7e5253088 the httpd.service stuck in "activating"-state and failed failed due to a timeout after about 90seconds i noticed absurd...
  10. shanti

    RFC: 3rd-party openssl-rpm and custombuild

    Hello, i would like to hear your opinion on the issue: i need to implement an apache/ssl-feature (that is only avaiable after openssl-0.9.8f) on an actual DA on centos 5.8 i think about running a "3rd-party-provided"-ssl-buildenvironment until migration to centos 6.x . Like this...
  11. shanti

    openssl via custombuild

    Hello, Is there any really good reason why openssl is not part of custombuild ? I like how DA seperates system and applications. Sadly openssl is a vital part of DA but missing in CB. This strategy limits the scalability of DA down to the system's OS lifecycle .. I hereby want to submit as...
  12. shanti

    Suspicious process running under user mysql

    Hello, lfd is annoying me with constant reports about suspicious MYSQL- process ps i already added to /etc/cfs/cfs.pignore (also restarting the lfd/csf services) but this mail keeps bouncing up DA-version is 1.33.3, really recently setup .. can please someone give me a hint what runs...