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    FTP User deletion

    I've got a server that a client has deleted the user " ftp " on the machine. The FTP will no longer start up. Is there anything wrong with me simply adding in a user by the name of FTP and my choice of password ? or will it affect the way DA uses proftp ?
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    [feature request] Staff Members

    I would really like it if was made so that we could create staff members in reseller accounts. IE. Users who can upgrade packages. Change Passwords. Suspend accounts. Mostly - so it would be possible to stop one of them going postal and wiping off all the accounts.
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    Email setup in a forwarding DNS setup

    Hello. I have a registered nameserver that I've told a customer to point her domin to - and she did / has. The server that I told her to point to is a Cpanel server. I don't have nameservers registered on the DA machine - so I couldn't tell her to do so. I made the A record point to the DA...
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    Lingerd & FastCGI & ModGzip

    I would really like it if we could have an easy way to have lingerd installed - in the custom apache compiler. It's a software that has been being used by the likes of Sourceforge, and have had great success in combatting Time_Wait problems that...
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    404 on webmail!

    Where is the webbased email ? I followed the link from the email menu. NAPPA
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    Remote Skin Install

    I just saw Loop4Evers skin. It looks reallly nice. I wanted to appply, but from my 56k modem, and the terrible line conditions here, I don't have a chance in hell in uploading the skin. Either a way to get the file from a local directory ( I can WGET the file ) , or a remore url would be really...
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    Apache Log Format

    I'm new to apache, and the dedicated server things. I would like to know how to change the way the users are logged. Ie. Right now, apache logs IPs of the visiotrs. I woudl like to catch more than that. in webalizer, only thier ips show up. I know that I need to change the apache log format...
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    temp adress for addon domains

    What is the address for domains that are added on ? I know that the main user address is http://I.P/~username, but I would like to know what the other addresses are. If there is not one, can you tell me how I can make some ? Thanks :)
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    subdomain hosting

    Is it possible to make user accounts with bandwidth and space limits? And give them subdomains? Ie. I have I want to be able to create accounts with 50 MBs space and 5000 MB Transfer that looks like >>