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    Catch all not available for one account

    Hi Guys, Having a problem with one of my domains and catch-all. It just shows |POPLIST| when trying to configure it. Any ideas how to fix it?
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    Rainloop webmail

    Hi Guys, I'm using Rainloop webmail for a while now. It's working fine for me. They have an community edition. Isn't it possible to include this in DirectAdmin? Kind Regards, Kevin
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    WordPress + DA

    Hi Guys, I've got this problem on two DA servers with all WordPress website's. When I have a fresh installation I can't add menu items. No PHP,HTTPD and JS errors. When I install Wordpress locally it works fine with Xampp or USB Webserver. Server configuration: CB2.0 PHP 5.4 Apache 2.4+Nginx...
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    Segmentation fault

    Hi, The backup function stopped after the last update. Now I'm getting a Segmentation Fault. -bash-3.2# ./dataskq d800 Debug mode. Level 800 root priv set: uid:0 gid:0 euid:0 egid:0 pidfile written staring queue dataskq: command: action=backup&database%5Fdata%5Faware=yes&email%5Fdata%5Faware...
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    Roundcube 0.7.2

    Changelog Fix encoding of attachment with comma in name (#1488389) Fix handling of % character in IMAP protocol (#1488382) Fix duplicate names handling in addressbook searches (#1488375) Fix displaying of HTML messages from Disqus (#1488372) Disable E_STRICT warnings on PHP 5.4 Prevent from...
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    How to add webmail in the webmail list

    Hey, Is it possible to add afterlogic to the webmail list? It's now UebiMiau because I used the /webmail directory. How do I change that? Greetz, Kevin
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    Enable Soap.

    Hello, How do I enable soap? I've already put the --enable-soap line in de config file. /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/configure/ap2/configure.php5 But after ./build clean and then ./build php n it won't work. I get a couple of errors wich is very strange: -bash-3.2# ./build clean...
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    Error with system Quotas

    Hello, I've got an OpenVZ vps here with CentOS 5.5 64bit. If I create an account I'm getting this error: Unix User created successfully Error with system Quotas setquota: Mountpoint (or device) / not found. setquota: Not all specified mountpoints are using quota. Debug Guide User's data...
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    Subdomain: Place holder page.

    Hey, I've changed my default subdomain dir to: /home/user/domains/domain/subdomains/SUB Instead of the public_html map. It's working but the placeholder page isn't working. How can I fix this? And also if I create a new user the map subdomains isn't there by default. How can I add it? I...
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    Ioncube/Zend/Roundcube error.

    Hey, I've install directadmin on my server and everything is working except: [root@dedi custombuild]# ./build roundcube cp: `/var/www/html/roundcube/logs' and `/var/www/html/roundcubemail-0.5.3/logs'...
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    Weird calculation of the space.

    Hey DA Guys, I'm new with DirectAdmin and I saw that the used space in my admin account is 1,3gb. If I look to my users its 500mb!! Where's that 800 mb of space for? Greetz, Kevinwalter