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    Install several versions of php

    Hi, Right now I have running php 7.2 in php1_release, I would like instal php 7.3 in php2_release and 7.4 in php3_release (all with php_fpm) and after be able sellect any o those versions in each domain. If I change this in the control panel at "CustomBuild/Edit options" and click save after...
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    Random high server load

    Hi, I'm having problems with randomly high server load . The server go up until 10-15 and then it begins to go down slowly until 0.30, suddenly grow up until sort of 10 and again the same. This is happening about every 7-10 minutes. I don't know which can be the problem, I've optimized php...
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    How to personalize vhost with subdirectories

    Hi, I have installed apache_nginx and when I create a subdirectorie it crea a new virtual host in apache and nginx pointing to a folder with the same name but in my case this folder is different, example: I create a subdomain then the virtual host point to...
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    Where to configure OPcache?

    Hi, I have installed opcache in php 7.2 but I don't know how modify its settings because there are multiple files with the same settings: /usr/local/php72/lib/php.ini /usr/local/php72/lib/php.conf.d/10-directadmin.ini /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/configure/opcache/opcache.ini Also I've...
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    How to block access to pannel

    Hi, I'm trying to block access to Direct Admin pannel for everyone except my ip, I'm trying including in /etc/hosts.allow the next: directadmin : allow directadmin : ALL : deny This doesn't work, am I writting the daemon wrong? is there any other way to do this, I have...