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    Perl gets 80% cpu!!!

    Hello There ia a perl scrip that uses 80% of the cpu. top: PID USER PR NI VIRT RES SHR S %CPU %MEM TIME+ COMMAND 28917 apache 25 0 5496 3036 1288 R 49.3 0.3 44:26.88 perl How can i find the command? Can i disable perl? Where can i find guidlines of optimizing the...
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    Urgend!! Can't add ns1 at server's ip

    I have problem on adding nameservers. When i try to add one ns assigned on my server's ip through the x reseller area (the reseller i want his domain as ns.x), i got the message Virtual Nameservers have been added to domain. They will not show up in the nameserver's section, but do exist in...
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    do not see my.conf

    Hello I made a fresh install of DA. I use debian I am searching for /etc/my.cnf but i can not find it Do i have to create it by myself ot first??
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    charset got broken after backup restore

    Hello. I backed up a account of a site (including db) for doing some works and then i deleted the db. When i restored the backup i saw greek characters broken (like ???) My whole site is broken! I didn't made any changes at mysql parameters. I use fedora and DA 1.27.4 Please help. This i...
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    Port 2222 not available

    I made a fresh install of Direct Admin at my Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 but whe n i go to login to admin controll panel at :2222, page is not available. the last install data are: ************************************* * * * All parts have been installed * *...
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    Create NS on 2nd IP

    Hello I installed DA on my server. On that server i will host a high traffic portal and my company's site. I own 2 IPs (1st status=sever, 2nd status=free (reseller=admin). I want the main IP of the server to go to and the 2nd IP to the NS that i will host all of my client's...