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    Changing secure hostname for DA control panel

    I currently have a secure hostname for accessing DA, following the steps here: I want to change the secure hostname for accessing DA. Is it safe to just repeat the same steps, with the new hostname, and everything will work ok? Thanks in advance.
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    Installing Memcached PHP Extension on CentOS 7

    After a fresh and clean DA install, I'm having difficulties installing the Memcached PHP Extension on CentOS 7. Here is the current output of php -v: PHP 7.2.23 (cli) (built: Sep 27 2019 09:01:27) ( NTS ) Copyright (c) 1997-2018 The PHP Group Zend Engine v3.2.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2018 Zend...
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    How to choose MariaDB and PHP versions for fresh DA install?

    When I install DA on a new server, I've done both ways - manual choosing the CustomBuild option in Setup, and the "auto" parameter for an easy DA setup. What are the steps to choose the specific versions of the software you want the first time you install DA? For example, I want to install...
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    Need help with MySQL configuration settings

    I am running a single website on a dedicated server, and the server load averages are always too high. I went from 2 CPU's to 4 CPU's and that helped some, but the server still maintains a high CPU load average and the memory usage stays very low. I don't want to throw more CPU's at the...
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    Anything I should do before resizing Disk, CPU, RAM on a live DA server?

    Is there anything I should be concerned about before I resize a virtual dedicated server running DirectAdmin? There are 2 scenarios: Resize the CPU and RAM only. Resize Disk, CPU, and RAM. Scenario 1 seems fairly straightforward, since you're just changing the CPU and RAM. But with scenario...
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    Missing perl module warning message with CSF and DA?

    I'm running CSF firewall with DA. It runs completely fine, but I notice this warning message: *WARNING* URLGET set to use LWP but perl module is not installed, reverting to HTTP::Tiny What perl module needs to be installed and will it cause any problems with DA? If I elect to do nothing, I'm...
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    Admin Backup Cron Jobs not running?

    In the Admin Backup/Transfer section, I've created a Backup Cron job to run daily at 3am, however the cron job is not running. In this same section under Create Backup, if I choose the "Now" option it will run the backup job successfully. But the cron job is not running at night. And if I...
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    How do I install DA without mod_security?

    I'm setting up some new servers and the problem I'm having is with mod_security, as I do not want it installed onto the server. I'm running CentOS 6.9 and am installing DA on a fresh, clean server. During the DA installation setup, I choose Option 1 for the latest CustomBuild. After DA is...
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    Rebooted and now DA won't work and server offline?

    Everything was working fine until I did a power cycle. I shutdown from the command line before powering the server off and back on again. And now I'm unable to access DA (IP:2222) and I cannot connect via SSH (operation times out) and no websites on the server are loading. I'm using a KVM...
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    How do I fix these Yum errors?

    Periodically, I update my server with the following commands: yum update yum yum update And now, these commands are no longer working. When I try either command, I receive the following error message: Loaded plugins: fastestmirror Determining fastest mirrors YumRepo Error: All mirror URLs are...
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    ImageMagick vulnerabilities!

    Just read this article regarding ImageMagick's vulnerabilities. How to prevent the server/DirectAdmin from being compromised while we wait for a fix?
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    How to downgrade phpMyAdmin to work with php 5.4?

    Running: DA 1.50.0 Apache 2.4.18 php 5.4.45 When trying to run phpMyAdmin, I get the following error: PHP 5.5+ is required How can I downgrade phpMyAdmin to the most recent version that will work with php 5.4? Thanks in advance.
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    Where do I change the email address for the DA Admin account?

    I know where to change the email address associated with a User account, but where do I change the email address associated with an Admin account? When DA generates email notifications for various things (License File Update, Brute Force Attacks, etc.) it sends an email to the Admin. Where do I...
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    How do you setup a Server Wide Shared Certificate?

    I have spent the better part of the last hour looking through the DA Knowledge Base and reading threads and guides on the DA Forums, and I'm having no luck with this and could really use some help and guidance... I have multiple users/domains all sharing the same IP address. I want to install...
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    Safe to increase the CSF Deny IP Limit past 1000?

    I'm running the latest version of DA with the latest version of CSF. In my CSF configuration, I currently have my DENY_IP_LIMIT set to 1000, which is the recommended max value. I want to increase that number. Is there any harm in raising that value? Or is there a better solution for blocking...
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    Multiple dataskq processes causing high server load - how to fix?

    For the life of me, I cannot figure out why my server load is so high. When I go to DA Service Monitor, the top 5 processes are using 99.9% of the CPU and they're all the same processes: /usr/local/directadmin/dataskq /usr/local/directadmin/dataskq /usr/local/directadmin/dataskq...
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    Please need help reducing server load on a new dedicated server?

    I really need some help please. I purchase a new Dell R420 dedicated server and am trying to get optimized better. Server load is always in the 4's and 5's and peaks into the 8's and 10's at times. The CPU usage is being consumed by MySQL and Apache. I have ample processing power and memory, so...
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    Need help - Apache processes are way too high

    I moved a few websites from one dedicated server to a new dedicated server. The new server is much faster than the old one and has much more memory. The old server ran fine, but server load started to get up there, so I wanted to distribute the website traffic to another server. So the new...
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    Looking for feedback on a server storage configuration

    I wanted to share a server's storage configuration, and am looking for feedback if this is a safe and reasonable way to proceed. On the Perc RAID controller, there are 4 identical hard drives - 146GB 10K RPM 2.5" SAS6 Drives The first 2 drives are setup in a RAID 1 Array, the third drive is a...
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    httpd wont start on a fresh DA install

    I've installed DA before and have never experienced this before, no idea how to resolve this. Brand new server. Running CentOS 5.9 with the latest DA. The install went fine. But Apache is not running. I can ping the server IP fine. But when I point my browser at the IP address, I do not get...