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    recovering root access (mistakenly changed shell)

    hi there I was working with one of my servers that has directadmin and I mistakenly typed "chsh" instead "chsh [user]" as root... since my intention was to disable shell, I set the "users" shell to /sbin/nologin, which actually setted the root's shell to it so now I can't login as root anymore...
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    running PHP/perl as root

    hello I have a PHP (could be Perl) script that needs to be executed as root. Yep, I know I probably shouldn't do that, but that's the only solution I found (it's a server administration tool). I'm planning to use a one-time-password + SSL as security, but the only options I could think are: 1)...
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    custombuild vs portupgrade on FreeBSD

    hello is there a good reason for not using FreeBSD ports when installing/upgrading some programs when they're available in this form and don't interact directly with DirectAmin (specially automake/autoconf/libtool/freetype/pcre)? thanks
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    drop_solo_alias + virtual_aliases_nostar

    I noticed some E-mails are returning with this error message when sent to a piping redirect: 2009-02-04 13:10:51 1LUjOt-000667-Fz => |/home/ZZZZZ/public_html/ZZZZZ/ ( <> F=<> R=drop_solo_alias T=devnull S=0 2009-02-04 13:11:23...
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    suspend account but allow login to directadmin

    I think it would be nice if there were an option to allow suspended accounts (specially by bandwidth usage) to still login to DirectAdmin, maybe with restricted access for example, it may be important for the user to check their bandwidth usage in case the account has been suspended for this reason
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    using some Nagios script to check if service is down

    hello I already know / , but I believe it would be a good idea if DA came with a better "service down checker" ( I mean, a service checker that waits for a banner/ok on SMTP/POP3 for example (maybe using...
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    setting local_domains

    I think it would be nice if, in case we remove the MX from a domain from the own server (common with people wanting to use google apps), this domain got removed from local_domains, so Exim would check the real MX when mail is sent by the server
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    editing DNS zones

    I think it would be nice to add an "advanced DNS zone editor" on directadmin (ie, a button that changes from the default editor, with the editbox and so one, to a textarea) there could be some validation (parsing the textarea content) before reloading named
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    best way to not lose changes in httpd.conf

    hello I have a few questions about how httpd.conf changes are handled 1) will /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf ever be replaced (I read somewhere in the that it wouldn't, but I'm almost sure it was after I recompile apache 2.2 with custombuild - although a backup was done) if it...
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    old issue, but still there I though it would be solved by now without the need of additional configuration (I think a simple solution would be do not use index files when can't create them... at least things would work) anyway, if it really isn't, anyone tried the...
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    adding gmail MX automatically?

    hello there's a growing demand for users wanting to set their domains MX records to gmail's ones any ideas on how to make it easy for users and compatible with DA updates? maybe on the mail management adding a link to an external script that would do that? thanks
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    DA migration

    hello I'm interested on someone to the migration of my domains from one server to other, like described on I belive I have the knowledge to do so, but I'm afraid of possible problems that may occur and that could take some time to solve...
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    how to restore everything?

    hello I run some FreeBSD 4.11 servers, but since it's losing its support this month, I'd like to migrate to FreeBSD 6.1 I found it's almost impossible to do this migration another way then reinstalling everything, so I'd like to know how you suggest it to be done my main idea is to have another...
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    mail image verification

    is there something compatible with DirectAdmin that can be used to do image verification on E-mails? I don't know the real name of that, but I mean when you want a auto-response to be sent to users not yet authorized to send you E-mail... and they must type a code (read on a image) that will...
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    auto-response loop

    does anyone know a way to avoid auto-response loop? I mean, userA sends an E-mail to userB, and both has auto-response so the E-mail dialog is: userA> real message userB> I got your message, thanks! userA> I got your message, thanks! userB> I got your message, thanks! userA> I got your...
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    need tech to upgrade php4 -> php5

    it's a DA server running on FreeBSD 4.11 just people who have already done that it's a production server and I will want to know what will be done and discuss it before it starts, because things can't go wrong will also need a "backup plan" (how to come back to the old version if everything...
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    vacation message

    hello I'm not sure it's not possible, but almost... It would be nice if each e-mail user could set its own vacation message and not depend on the admin to do that if it's not intended to have a link on the webmail page, maybe an API that we could use
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    hello I'm basically using this to suspend/unsuspend users: the problems: 1) it always returns a page like "Error:_document_not_found" (I can access https://IP:2222/CMD_SELECT_USERS normally 2) the account suspended is toogle even if "suspend" or "unsuspend" is set on key "suspend" any hints...
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    diagnostic script

    hello there're some common problems that may have happened when a user complain that he can't access his accounts, like: 1) account is suspended 2) account used more bandwidth/space than assigned (may be suspended or not) 2) he deleted some important file (like the public_html symlink and/or...
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    change DNS TTLs

    hello I want to change my all my (current and future) DNS zones TTLs to 600 seconds any hints on how to do that?