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  1. MaxPower

    RVSiteBuilder Installation issues..

    Why does the error remind you to enter new database name even if I entered or used that name before? You have entered the database and table which already existed, please change database name and reinstall. any help?? :rolleyes:
  2. MaxPower

    Brute Force Attacks

    Anyone,what's with all the Brute Force Attacks. I've notice an unusual amount of Brute Force Attacks on my system and was wondering if anyone else was finding the same??
  3. MaxPower

    Selling Lifetime DA License

    ... not selling now..
  4. MaxPower

    RVMarketing posts and runs..

    I find it a little amazing that RVMarketing will come to this forum and post, V5 is here!! and runs off without allowing anyone to comment to his post or return to reply. V5 RVSiteBuilder is filled with issues and does not work with...
  5. MaxPower

    Video Tutorials

    Does anyone know of a good place to get video tutorials done for DirectAdmin.. used to to that, but purchased the company and does not offer the various skins DirectAdmin offer.. Always seems to be the way.. great small little companies that are customer driven...
  6. MaxPower

    RVSiteBuilder with DA, nothing but problems

    I'm I the only one having problems with RVSiteBuilder, is there not an alternative?? I mean it seems to be endless bugs or issues with RVSiteBuilder on my server. My customer concerns: "unable to perform a lot of functions on the WSYWIG editor such as inserting or editing images. I get a...
  7. MaxPower

    Marina Skin (one big problem)

    In my opinion just about the nicest skin for DirectAdmin, however one huge problem with the skin. seems to have a problem keeping their website and database up. Every time it goes down, your license shows as invalid and the skin breaks. This has happen several times to me, and...
  8. MaxPower

    Any idea how to Limit out going emails?

    Any ideas how to limit a clients out going emails?
  9. MaxPower

    Problems with siteZen

    Well I just purchased their software and had it working for a week. I updated my DirectAdmin control panel and it totally busted the program. Customer support just sent me in circles... First I'm not suppose to have an account setup on my server for the hostname ??
  10. MaxPower

    After custombuild, worse decision yet.

    All I have had is problems since I upgraded with custombuild. I would personally advise anyone considering using custombuild to stay away. Now setting up a site in the Control Panel, it added the web site but does not add the name servers. checked /etc/named.conf after domain setup and now it...
  11. MaxPower

    Marina BEEF!!!! When your site/server goes down, anyone using your skin has problems logging in or using their control panel as it can't find your license. It's very sluggish and does not work in some cases... You might want to do as daplugin and setup a second License...
  12. MaxPower

    SPAM FILTERS "SpamFilters_YourHop"

    WARNING! Tell the administrator to set the "SpamFilters_YourHop" variable. O.K. I follow the instructions on SquireMail. $SpamFilters_YourHop = 'by'; But still does not work. I did a reboot for good measure and double checked my...
  13. MaxPower

    Problems with DAPlugin!

    Just purchased the IP Manager off of DA Plugin. DOES NOT WORK!! Submitted a support ticket more than 24hrs ago, still no answer. Anyone else having problem with DAplugin scripts??
  14. MaxPower

    Flash Tutorials for power_user

    Hey guys, I'm a DA junkie. I am working on completion of my latest web hosting site I use power_user which I find to look the most professional out of all the default skins, unless you buy a skin. Problem. The only flash tutorials available were for NOT for...