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    Outlook 365

    Good morning I'm having trouble setting up an email account in Outlook, I use IMAP config ports without security and at the end I get the message that it was not possible to connect the client's email account on the server. I also used the ssl / tls security settings and nothing appears the same...
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    Error send emails in roudcube webmail

    Good morning guys, I'm having a problem sending email from a single account hosted on DA. this email account is very big around 5.0Gb, when trying to send some test email to the email from the same account or to any email account from another location, the message does not leave the webmail...
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    I have mod_security installed on the DA when updating or changing a line on a client's website hosted on my vps, when trying to save it gave error 500 and after this when trying to load again the site is a blank page only. Detail of the php version of this site 5.3 -supphp, comodo rules and...
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    root emails

    Good morning please can someone help? my direct admin server has a very large queue of emails coming from, I have already added to the /root/.forward file the main email my but the email processing queue is still large from...
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    Cloud Linux

    Good morning I'm trying to install cloudlinux on the panel directadmin with hundreds 7 x 64bits latest, installs normal without problems when rebooting the server, does not go up the system or the panel does not load anymore so I can finish the configuration of cage, php selector, the system...
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    php 5.3

    Hello how to install php 5.3 ? Mod_ruid under 5.3 enable or not enable?
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    quota error

    Error with system Quotas setquota: Cannot set quota for user 1003 from kernel on /dev/mapper/myvg-root: Resultado numérico fora de alcance setquota: Cannot write quota for 1003 on /dev/mapper/myvg-root: Resultado numérico fora de alcance setquota: Cannot set quota for user 1003 from kernel on...
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    PHP 5.3

    Good morning everyone, I migrated a website from Cpanel to DA, and the error of strange characters appears when making a query in mysql and displaying the results, coding the product name, type, product characteristics does not display accents correctly.
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    Email account android

    I set up my email account in DA and it works perfectly in the roundcube! When trying to configure imap or pop3 on android in add account use the same login password and email created in DA but I get incorrect user message or password and it is impossible to connect to the server, and the...
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    Remote backup

    Good morning everyone, I am configuring the remote backup of my server with DA, I ask when finalizing the configuration I get the error message below, should I install the script on the origin server with DA or on the remote server? Error during Backup Creation *** Unable to get list ***...
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    Remote backup

    Good morning everyone, I am trying to configure the remote backup of the accounts, but I get the following error below after installing ncftpls, and if DA does not install this it is asking for the installation to try to connect to the remote ftp. /sh: line 78: /usr/bin/ncftpls: Is a directory...
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    Cloud linux e php selector

    Good afternoon guys, I added the main domain in the sequence below in the DA: 1-I ACCESSED ADMIN AFTER I WAS IN USER AND CLICKED ON SETUP DOMAIN I ADDED MY MAIN DOMAIN. 2- I WAS IN THE RESELLER I ADDED NS1 AND NS2 AND IPS. 3 - I came back to ADMIN and counted HOSTNAME.MEUDOMINIOPRINCIPAL.COM...
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    Good night everyone, I installed the mod_sec and the owasp rules, everything went very well, but when accessing the webmail from error 500, that is, it does not load the webmail roundcube, but if you uninstall mod_sec and its rules everything will be fine. Would it be better to use mod_sec plus...