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  1. scriptkitty

    Firewalld hangs Linux

    Hi! Is CSF compatible with firewalld You cannot use both together, they both configure iptables in their own way. So, you will need to uninstall firewalld before proceeding with csf. Thanks,
  2. scriptkitty

    ftp error - ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server

    Hi! Passive or Active FTP? Can you check /var/log/messages if using centos/rhel for logs containing your IP and see if there are any TCP_IN blocks against ports 35000-35999? If so, you'll need to open those ports in CSF by editing /etc/csf/csf.conf TCP_IN to add 35000:35999 to the list of...
  3. scriptkitty

    Problem with autologin

    Hello, Are you by chance using CloudLinux? Do you see any SSL errors when you run these commands? cd /usr/local/directadmin ./directadmin set one_click_webmail_login 1 service directadmin restart cd custombuild ./build roundcube If so, can you try the following and let me know if it...
  4. scriptkitty

    RoundCube missing direct_login option. Please re-install RoundCube.

    Hey y'all! Please try this: cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/ ./build set_fastest Is the mirror changed? If so, are you then able to install SSO for Roundcube? Thanks,
  5. scriptkitty

    How Can I import Emails from CPanel to a specific user "shared-host"

    Also, is there any reason you didn’t just use a cpmove file since you’re moving site data & emails? The DA Restore functionality will convert a cpmove backup & restore it automatically.
  6. scriptkitty

    How Can I import Emails from CPanel to a specific user "shared-host"

    Hi! You could reference and adapt the following to your needs:
  7. scriptkitty

    How to add more than 2 name servers easily ?
  8. scriptkitty

    Use Imunify360 only and uninstall CSF

    Hi! Why not configure CSF accordingly and then integrate it with Imunify360 for extra protection? Let us know the notifications you're receiving that you'd like to not receive and we can advise you how to safely disable them without sacrificing security. :) If you wish to proceed with...
  9. scriptkitty

    exec() and shell_exec() enabled for spamexperts plugin, security issue ?

    Hi! You might consider submitting a feature request to them to ship their own php.ini with the plugin: Or, maybe try using this method for "/usr/local/directadmin/plugins/"...
  10. scriptkitty

    Change Default Admin Username

    Hello, This worked in my testing, especially well after this: CRON: also swap paths Now, afterwards, 1) Resuspend any suspended domains 2) Check for any custom docroots using the old '/home/admin' path, update, and...
  11. scriptkitty

    login keys

    What user does the CRM run as? Are you able to add login keys as that user?
  12. scriptkitty

    old password algorithm ignored during backup/restore

    Hi! The DirectAdmin backup/restores are database type/version independent. However, these backups are not always universally interchangeable between databases. The...
  13. scriptkitty

    LFD ignore 'spamd child'

    Just wanted to note that I have yet to receive any spamd alerts. It is odd that you're receiving alerts despite having ignored the process. To confirm, try restarting the service via ssh: csf -ra And make sure thIs server is sending the alerts by checking: grep lfd /var/log/exim/mainlog |...
  14. scriptkitty

    LFD ignore 'spamd child'

    Hi! I swapped over to spamassassin from rspamd, confirmed the process to be running, added your rules to /etc/csf/csf.pignore, then restarted the firewall, and have yet to receive any alerts. Do you have any other servers that may be sending the alert? Perhaps from a migration and the old...
  15. scriptkitty

    LFD ignore 'spamd child'

    Hello, Thanks for clarifying the user. I guess I was confusing it with _rspamd being the user for Rspamd services. :unsure: Let us know if the alerts cease after you have added "exe:/usr/bin/spamc", please! :)
  16. scriptkitty

    LFD ignore 'spamd child'

    Add: user:spamd to csf.pignore then restart the firewall: csf -ra Does this help?
  17. scriptkitty

    Easy Wordpress installation for new customers.

    Use the custom domain items as described in step 3 instead of the custom package items. This will give you a checkbox for each newly created domain. :) Let me know if you have any problems.
  18. scriptkitty

    How install OpenLiteSpeed

    Try these instructions and let me know if you encounter any error:
  19. scriptkitty

    DirectAdmin 1.61.5 has been released

    Do you still see this in the latest pre-release version?