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    IP Doesn't existed when restore

    Hi New setup server face problem as atached file. It can't see the IP of the server. Afrer restore admin, no Package are founds so I have to copy from the old server. Please help!
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    Is this a bug? > no ioncube is not a valid option

    Setting up a new server it get this error: Please advice.
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    phpMyAdmin not accepted file size in phjp.ini

    Max File size in phpmyadmin is 2MB (Max: 2,048KiB) /usr/local/php56/lib/php.ini has concerening values as follows: Server is VPS : -------------------------- upload_max_file_size = 64M post_max_size = 65M memory_limit =512M max_execution_time = 300 -----then--- systemctl restart php-fpm56...
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    How to add 'webmail' A record in all domains?

    In How I can add 'webmai' into all existing domains. #92 used to have this small scripts but after update the script is gone. Please add it again. Thanks
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    Can create 'Name' in Current Backup Crons of Admin Backup/Transfer

    Hi 1). We can't create a meaningful name in the the cron list area. If we can modify the default "Modify" column to a "meaningful Name" then it will be much more easier for us to know each cron is for Daily, Twice, Tri, weekly or VIP Customers. For example: If space is not enough, where can...
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    nginx_apache problem with modsecurity

    Hi Server has problem with domains don't work properly on nginx_apache with modsecurity. New installation of DA nginx_apache with modsecurity are properly. Anyway, when open any domains hosted here always have errors: Errors on nginx. I have modify nginx.conf as in...
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    modsecurity on nginx_apache fresh install failed

    Hi I have issues from installing modsecurity on nginx_apache with the following steps > -> set mod get errors: and see errors: In the folder /usr/local/cwaf/rules/ there is not files at all Please advice how to fix it. Thanks
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    Real IP in |Warning: The system load average is xxx".

    Hi When using Cloudflare, all logs files are using Real IP correctly but the ips in "Warning: The system load average is" are cludflare's IPs. Please show Real IP in the Warning System. Thanks
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    Can I use modsecurity with csf & iptables?

    Hi I i install modsecurity, I should disable csf and iptables (DA Brute Force Monitor) or not? Thanks in Advance
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    Hi Old server is mod_php with mod_ruid2 New server is php-fpm56 + 53 without mod_ruid2 Only 2 domains migrate from OLD server to NEW server always have this error : . Remarks : After restored, these 2 sites are not auto enable > 30 minutes and always give 2 lines in httpd error_log : The...
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    How to use register_globals in php-fpm for only each user

    Hi Server : nginx_apache, php 5.6 php-fpm some program in the server is not running properly as it requires "register_globals". How I can enable "register_globals" for only each user in php-fpm. Thanks
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    how to load new php.ini setting in php-fpm with nginx_apache

    Hi I modified php.ini but new value is not changed after running: It will change only I run but httpd is changed to default too. How I can reload just the new /usr/local/php56/lib/php.ini setting in php-fpm56? Thanks
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    Where is MySQL 10.2 log file?

    Hi Where is MySQL 10.2 log file? . It is not /var/lib/mysql/HOSTNAME..err any more. Thanks
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    Upgrade MariaDB 5.5.6 to 10.0.36 has errors!

    Hi Old server is damage and have to install DA in a new one. Upgrading from MariaDB 5.5.6 to 10.0.6 has the error below: Anyway, installation is finished and MaraiaDB is running with V. 10.0.36. In this case, Database will have any problems or not? Thanks
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    Can fail2ban working with DA iptables systemd

    Hi I see somewhere in this forum telling that the AUTO BLOCKING of DA iptables is not working properly with fail2ban. In centos7 with systemd iptables installed by DA, Can I make faile2ban to get the attacked ips from the iptables log file without using AUTO BLOCK in DA iptables? How? The...
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    Add Owner 'server' in Resellers in IP Managemets

    Hi After trying to keep "MAIN SERVER IP' to be clean for a along time, a lot of main servers IP become blacklists very fast. Adding about 5 or more ips to replace main ip for sending emails has some difficulties. (in domainips, helo_data, smtp...) I have to take so much time and attention to...
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    Phpmyadmin returns permission denied

    Hi I have just finished install Da with Cloudlinux 7 & MySQL Governer. I can create database but I can't open roundcube & phpmyadmin. Both of them returns: Please advice
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    Can we change emails in letsencrypt expiration emails to all users?

    Hi A lot of calls asking for what is letsencrypt expiration notification emails. How we can stop this type of emails to users or resellers? If not, can DA force admin email by default to register letsencrypt (Hidden Field). Thanks & Best Regards
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    How to backup without compressing files?

    Hii Please inform how to create backup files without compressing it. Thanks
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    File upload stopped by extension.

    Hi A new installation server with php 5.6 + apache mod_php. In all wordpress sites, it will always show this error when add new picture by Add Media. File upload stopped by extension. Please help how to fix it Regards