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    LMTP error after end of data: Not enough disk quota

    Hey, I have assigned my users some diskspace, but without the "suspend at limit" checkbox. When the user reaches the limit, he can't receive emails any more. LMTP error after end of data: 552 5.2.2 <> Not enough disk quota Is it a bug or is it a feature? Bye, — AxlF
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    Server wide whitelist

    Hey, is it possible to whitelist a domain server wide? Some of our clients get our receipts marked with "*****SPAM*****" in the subject line. We would want to whitelist our main and billing domain for all clients on the server. Thanks for any tips, — Alexander
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    Send mail from dedicated IP

    Hey, My Server has two IP's. At the moment the second IP isn't used or configured in DA. How could I configure exim using the second IP instead of the main IP of the server? Best wishes, AxlF
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    DNS entries for good email reputation

    Hey, I've got another question. I'm not sure how to configure the DNS for my server & domains. -> server.domain.tld I set a rDNS pointing server.domain.tld to the IP address via my ISP. The server is running DA with a couple of domains. I installed a server cert and use it in exim...
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    DNS Sync with external NS

    Hey, I would like to sync local DNS entries to 3rd Party NS. The 3rd Party NS isn't running DA. How could I achieve this? Best wishes
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    Multi Domain Setup - which IP to use for sending mails

    Hey, can someone help me understand this? I have a DA Box with multiple Domains. What IP will be used to send mails? The main IP of the hostname is for example AAAA. Another domain has the IP BBBB If the user form the domain sends a mail, do it connect exim through BBBB or AAAA? I think it...
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    Cloudlinux Questions

    Hey, are here any Cloudlinux Users with DA? Is it worth buying? I would like to install a new Server and consider using Cloudlinux. Are there any known issues with cloudlinux so far? Is the installation with custombuild as smooth as without it? Regards, AxlF
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    Is Jail needed for user ssh ?

    Hello, i have a question: is Jail needed for allowing users ssh into the server? If yes - I installed it via custombuild, but I cannot access as user. /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild# ./jail/ username cp: cannot stat `/usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/jail/su': No such file...
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    Exclude user backups from quota?

    Hey, is it possible to exclude user backups from disk quota? My customer aren't able to restore the backups due quota write errors. eg. a customer has 5 GB Webspace. I added another 5 GB for Backups, but he could still not restore backups. Is there a way to exclude backup files from quota...
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    Spam Filter alternative? ASSP?

    Hello, I've installed exim/spamassassin/clamav through custombuild 2.0 and getting a lot of spam now... Therefor I'm searching for alternatives and found ASSP. As I understand, it's only a proxy with many filter features between user and mta. So it could be worth a try. I haven't found any...
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    Custom script after update

    Hey, is it possible to run a user script after an webapp update? e.g. I would like to add a redirection to https to the roundcube index.php... now i need to to that manually after every update. regards, Alexander
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    email level problem

    Hi, I got a problem with the email level plugin. After the login Page i got a 500 internal server error. domain error log: Premature end of script headers: index.php But no error in /var/log/suphp.log Everything works(static sites and dynamic sites), except the email level plugin... Any...
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    SSL Cert - 2 Subdomains 1 IP

    Hi, just a quick question: Is it possible installing SSL Certs for 2 Subdomains (no Wildcart Cert). Example: both under 1 IP ? Regards, AxlF
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    update_versions problem

    Hi, following problem: #./build versions Latest version of PHP5 (CGI): 5.2.8 Installed version of PHP5 (CGI): 5.2.6 PHP5 (CGI) update is available. I run: ./build update_versions prometheus:/usr/local/directadmin/custombuild# ./build update_versions Updating PHP5 (CLI) File already...
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    Server History not showing

    Hi, if I click on Admin > Server Stats > Server History the result is: Error: document not found All stats at the reseller or user level are working. What is wrong with this? Regards, AxlF
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    FTP Logins for users with owned IP

    Hi all, I have a question: Last week I wanted to get one seperate IP for a domain. I crated a new User and assigned him the new IP. Then I created the domains and the FTP's. The only FTP Account that works is the one without the @domainname.tld. I need to create seperate FTP Accounts for...
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    Domain won't work after moving to new user

    Hello, I wanted to move a domain to a different user with a different IP. The script /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/ <domain> <olduser> <newuser> worked so far. The domain dir is in the new users home. But the domain is'nt accessable I got a 403. The apache error log says...
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    Re-Installing services

    Hi, is it possible to reinstall the services (proftp, etc.) alone? Without creating a complete backup, installing DA completely new, and restoring the backup? Regards, alexander
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    can't send via php - unroutable address

    Hello, i tried to send a newsletter from my DA server via php. But most of the emails bounced: Unrouteable address even with recipiens from large companies like gmx or gmail... It could be a problem with my DNS...
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    Debian and Packages

    Hi, I installed my DA System a few weeks ago... Now I want to aptitude upgrade all needed packages and get following message: Die folgenden Pakete werden zur?ckgehalten: clamav clamav-daemon clamav-freshclam linux-image-2.6-686-bigmem proftpd I thought packages installed with DA...