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  1. sysdev

    Backup account prior to termination?

    Maybe try First, set a flag somewhere if a user is terminated. After that, use the to delete te user if the flag is set.
  2. sysdev

    Remote connection to MySQL does not work with all ISPs

    Doe the queries have large resultsets of take a long time to compleet? Try increasing net_read_timeout, maybe also increase the connect_timeout and/or max_allowed_packet. Check logs for more info.
  3. sysdev

    Custombuild Changelog

    It seems to work now. Thanks!
  4. sysdev

    Custombuild Changelog

    I did notice that the 31 -> 32 update doesn't update after clicking update. It looks, like it updates, but it stays .31... Do I make any sense here... it's 1:25 am here :)
  5. sysdev

    Hosting directadmin vps.

    xcp-ng maybe?
  6. sysdev

    A raid attack against Nginx

    Yes and No. It all depends on the interpretation of art. 7 and if the 'work' done has a strong relation with the main work of the developer. ( )
  7. sysdev

    A raid attack against Nginx

    Yups, most (ICT) working contracts in The Netherlands state that anything developed in spare time belongs to the employer. Some restrictions do apply, e.g. is you're a softwaredeveloper and you developer software in your spare time, it belongs to the employer because it's his main task. Dutch...
  8. sysdev

    cannot recompile php

    \302\240 is a non-breaking space. You might have pressed shift+enter on line 39.
  9. sysdev

    Adding 'fake' domains / security issue

    A customer uses the following setup: 3 external dns servers setup to slave domains from a single unmanaged directadmin server. In his /etc/resolv.conf he specifies the 3 his own external dns servers. He uses his server to sell hostingaccounts to his own customers. His customers have hosting...
  10. sysdev

    IP address in CMD_DNS_ADMIN

    Nice to have: Show ipadress where the domains is set to, next to the domain itself. If a user has more than 1 ipaddress assigned, it's pretty cumbersome to find out what domain is using it. AFAIK you'll have to click every domain in the dns administration to check it.
  11. sysdev

    [FR] Patch functionality in build script

    Hi, as we've all seen very recently, the openssl.c file is a little bit buggy as it fails to compile sometimes. The recent curl and exim updates in combination with e.g. CentOS 5.11 final fail because the required defines are not added correctly. zEitEr's patch for Exim in...
  12. sysdev

    Directadmin 1.45.0 has been released

    Ik did (ctrl)F5 multiple times. Looks good in Chrome, only IE is missing something (wel IE has always been missing something ofcourse, hehe )