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    DA server as a backup MX/Mail server for primary cPanel Serer

    Hi All, It has been a while since I was able to post ont his forum and I'm not sure if this is the correct location for this question as well. So i'll get straight to it. I (a client) has a cPanel VPS and hosting emails (for another client ;) ). Since the current setup is a SPOF, I want get a...
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    How do I stop a brute force attack?

    Hello, I'm getting some brute force attacks recently, specially targeted on exim. I'm running CSF, but it seems it doesn't monitor exim. I'm getting loads of emails from directadmin saying brute force attack detected, but I have to manually block the IP. Is there a way to automatically block...
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    How-TO: MaxMind GeoIP for Awstats

    The latest versions of DA comes with awstats but when i was looking in the stats generated, there were no countries identified. So i went looking for solutions and mgot my system work. So I'm now sharing the information with you on what i did to get it working with existing users and new users...
  4. G loads files from

    Hi fellas, I came across this issue today. i have subdomain ( created as a addon domain for SSL purposes. now when i goto or it loads files from's private_html folder. i.e all https connections acts as a pointer to...
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    Hybrid skin for DirectAdmin - cPanel Look-alike

    Hello everyone, It's been a long time since i've come this way. Have been really busy with all the works. Anyways I was able to do some updating to the skin I previously had. So hope to create the thread in it's intended name. This skin resembles cPanel heavily. So if you are from cPanel...
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    VPS with DA and IPv6 support

    [Solved] VPS with DA and IPv6 support Solved: Please close the thread Hi, I'm looking for a VPS with DA and if possible IPv6 support. I have only 5 websites which doesn't even generate 1GB of traffic/month. 512MB Dedicated RAM and budget is $20 max all inclusive. PM for offers. Thanks
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    Found several errors in the logs. Can you help me to identify them?

    This is found on /var/log/directadmin/error.log 2010:10:06-08:28:25: The username hasn't been set. Won't run the script without dropping privileges This is found on /var/log/directadmin/errortasq.log 2010:10:06-00:11:35: Unable to run webalizer for /usr/bin/webalizer: error...
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    named stopped suddenly and wont start. Help

    Hey folks, I just ran into a problem. As mentioned named stopped suddenly & when i tried to restart i got the following errors: All the other domains started without any problems. what could be the problem.
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    How do I get the domain list owned by a user?

    Hey all, I need a big help. I want to get the list of domains owned by a particular user inside an array. I'm not sure how i can do this. I looked everywhere and couldn't find the information. Although on the API side there's a command called CMD_API_SHOW_DOMAINS that gets the list of domains...
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    Looking for Reseller Account: max $15/mo

    Folks, I'm looking for a reseller account. These are my requirements: Max budget: $15/mo HDD: ~5gb B/W:~10-15GB/mo suPHP would be great but not required if possible a billing app (WHMCS Prefered) is appreciated & most of all a DirectAdmin Control Panel is a must. ;) Thanks in advance
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    Disable SSL on main domain but enable on subdomain?

    Hey guys, I need to know whether is it possible to disable SSL on the main domain but keep it enabled for the sub domain. Upon checking /var/log/httpd/error_log i get the following error: How can i remove the error? I know i can edit the httpd.conf but DA would add the deleted stff again.
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    Can't connect to ssl!

    I see a lot of this on my /var/log/directadmin/error.log What could be cause of this issue? Also sometimes the following happens:
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    How to compile php with IMAP-SSL and POP3-SSL

    Hey folks, I wish to compile PHP with IMAP & POP3 SSL enabled so that my billing system can easily use Google apps. can you guys direct me on how to this. These are the things i know: ––with-imap=/usr/local/(imap install dir) –-with-imap-ssl and requires libc-client.
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    Microsoft Roots Update Instructions

    MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please do a dig on the domain name and and also a reverse dig on the IP# to get the rDNS, before you decide to download anything from While appears to be owned by Microsoft, the specific IP# for the above looks...
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    [DEV] eCP - cPanel like skin for DA

    Hi guys, I just started to make my 1st skin. Been working at the user side for 3+ days now to get the feeling right and to get the skin running on the token system. Give me your views about this skin. There's nothing fancy on this one. Just some tables and img tags. I wanted to create this as...
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    [HELP] Webmail not working

    [FIXED] Webmail not working Hi all, I recently updated my system to the latest version of roundcube and php(5.2.11). Now i'm unable to login into either atmail or roundcube. But squirrelmail works fine. atmail gives the following error: and roundcube gives the following error: Can you...
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    [Ft. Request]All 3rd party s/w only accessible via 2222

    Hey all, I don't know how hard this will be, but it will certainly improve security on directadmin. AFAIK, all DA 3rd party s/w (roundcube, phpmyadmin etc) are always accessible via /roundcube etc, which quite unsafe. It would be great, if atleast phpMyAdmin was brought under the DA login...
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    [BUG]DA on SSL but phpMyAdmin not on SSL

    Hi there, I don't know whether someone has already told this before, but i encountered this issue yesterday when I accessed the phpMyAdmin console. I have setup my DA installation to use SSL and SSL redirect to my hostname. Everything is working well on all the places i used. But when i...
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    Disk Quoata Error

    [FIXED]Disk Quoata Error Guys i get the above error when i try to set quotas for my users. I'm using centos 5.3 x86 on a openvz vps. Can you folks help me figure this out? Thanks --------- Some more details: # mount /dev/simfs on / type simfs (rw) /proc on /proc type proc (rw) /sys on...
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    Intermediate CA SSL on port 2222

    Hi guys, I'm trying to install a SSL cert which i need to install a intermediate cert to the directadmin login port. I have alredy setup the conf files correctly even with the "carootcert=" and enabled https redirect and redirects to the hostname of the cert. but i'm still getting...