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    [For Sale] DirectAdmin Lifetime License

    Hi all, As my hosting activities are coming to an end (by choice), I'm soon ready to sell my DirectAdmin Lifetime License. I bought it at June 23, 2009. Send me a decent offer via a private message and we'll work things out. Bart
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    Domain pointer count against domain count

    Hi all, I'd like to suggest a new feature for DirectAdmin. If I give a customer a package with 3 domains, I do not really care how he uses the domains. It doesn't matter for me (just for his own disk space) whether he adds content to all three or that he points two of them to the third one...
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    Enable/disable services for specific users

    Hi all, Could it be possible to enable/disable certain services for certain users? You can now allow/disallow FTP and SSH access for example, but one of my clients does not want to use my DNS-service, but prefers to use an external one. That's fine ofcourse, but I'd prefer that my named doesn't...
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    DA over SSL: emails to users are different

    I enabled DA over SSL (SSL = 1 in directadmin.conf) and inserted a ssl_redirect_host so that the URLs and are redirected in the right way. That all works like a charm. But: Users regularly (for example from the message system) get an email from...
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    Exim build error

    I get the following error: [root@noot custombuild]# ./build exim File already exists: exim-4.69.tar.gz File already exists: exim File already exists: exim_freebsd File already exists: exim_debian Found /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/exim-4.69.tar.gz Extracting ... Done...
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    Dovecot warning

    After updating to the latest version of dovecot (1.0.13), I get the following warning when starting dovecot: "Starting dovecot: Warning: mail_extra_groups setting was often used insecurely so it is now deprecated, use mail_access_groups or mail_privileged_group instead" In the dovecot.conf in...
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    PHP include_path..?

    Hey, Given the following situation: User A has a file /home/a/domains/ with all it's MySQL-credentials. Now user B creates a file /home/b/domains/ and does a require("/home/a/domains/"); At this moment...
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    Renaming of admin user

    Hi, I don't really know where to place this topic, so I'll just add it to the general part.. ;) I just renamed my admin-account to something else using the script in the scripts-directory. Works pretty great, except: 1. ./data/admin/admin.list still contains "admin" instead...
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    CentOS 5.1

    I don't really know where to put this, but I just upgraded my machine from CentOS 5.0 to CentOS 5.1 and DirectAdmin works perfectly on this. The only thing I had to do was to replace /etc/init.d/named by the newly created /etc/init.d/named.rpmsave after which also named booted again. So, this...
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    options.conf -- ${OPTIONS_CONF}

    Wouldn't it be better to change: # Write options.conf if [ ! -e options.conf ]; then echo "Can not find ${OPTIONS_CONF}, writing defaults." into: # Write options.conf if [ ! -e ${OPTIONS_CONF} ]; then echo "Can not find ${OPTIONS_CONF}, writing defaults." ? I tried to...
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    Delete button in message read screen

    Next to the improvement suggested here to mark all messages as read in the message system, I'd also like to add a delete-button/-link in the screen where you read a single message. If I get a message, I read it and I'd like to be able to delete it immediately then. At this moment, I have to go...
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    Custom HTTPD configuration improvement

    Hi all, I'd like to be able to enter custom HTTPD configuration on a per-subdomain-base. So if I have and and and I want some dangerous php-configuration for, I'd like to be able to do that without bothering about the security for...
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    Random password at Database creation

    Would it be possible to include a random password generator (like the one used when creating new users) to the database creation form? This could (should?) generate a longer (like.. 16 random characters?) password for the newly created database user. Generally (in my experience), database user's...
  14. O down?

    I'm busy installing DA right now. Everything goes well, until the setup-script needs to download the services-file from I get speeds of below 1 KB/s and a lot of connection retries. Why is this server this slow? Is it a problem you know of or is it a problem at my connection?