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    I stumbled upon HashBackup which is based on rclone which I'm using to encrypt and backup some of my DirectAdmin backups to the cloud to keep an additional copy. Is anybody using this? I think it would be a great idea to implement with DirectAdmin as it supports multiple destinations (both...
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    Warning: $USER (sshuser) not identical to user (root)!

    Hello, After updating Exim and S-nail to the latest version, I get the following error when running ./build update_versions: # ./build update_versions s-nail: Warning: $LOGNAME (sshuser) not identical to user (root)! s-nail: Warning: $USER (sshuser) not identical to user (root)! Where sshuser...
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    PHP Warning when running ./build updatw_versions

    PHP Warning when running ./build update_versions Hello, Since yesterday I started to receive the following error while running ./build update_versions # ./build update_versions PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library...
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    Dovecot configuration & IPv6

    Hello, It looks like ./build dovecot_conf will not take into consideration if IPv6 enabled in directadmin.conf This will bring problems to customers using Google (and potentially other people) to sync their email (as pop3) as Google defaults to IPv6. The workaround is to modify...
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    Exim message limit

    Hello, I would like to configure Custombuild to take care of my Exim configurations, yet I'm unable as currently the default DirectAdmin configuration dictates a 20M message size limit, while my customers like something bigger (around 50M) since otherwise some emails from GMail and other email...
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    Dovecot + Pieonhole + Quotas

    Dovecot + Pigeonhole + Quotas Hello, I just tried to enable Pieonhole on my installation and ran into a couple of issues. After fixing my dovecot.conf for correct patching my CustomBuild, I noticed that Quotas is no longer working. I tried to follow this guide with no results...
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    Anacron and Custombuild

    I use the cron for CustomBuild to let me know when updates are available. This works great, yet when there's an update, I get the CustomBuild email and then get a Anacron email with the following: /etc/cron.daily/custombuild: Updating DirectAdmin(B Any ideas how to stop this? Thanks...
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    ./build versions error

    I got a little error, since I installed pdflib in my server. Every single night, when custombuild runs, it outputs an error: /etc/cron.daily/custombuild: PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library './/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613/' -...
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    Next Version

    Hi, It's been since February that Directadmin had a new version out. Any possible place to see what's brewing or any heads up on when next version should be made available? Don't get me wrong, no new version means no bugs found, yet it would be nice to see a nice new upgrade with new things or...
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    Updating Mysql 5.1 error

    Hi, I updated MySQL 5.1.34 to 5.1.35 tonight and now the service won't start. It hangs while trying to start MySQL I tried to manually remove the rpm and retry with no sucess. [root@gruta custombuild]# ./build mysql Cannot find /usr/bin/mysqldump Found...
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    Download *.iso files

    Hi, in my current Directadmin setup, whenever somebody tries to download a *.iso file, the file gets opened inside firefox instead of asking it to be saved. I checked (via directadmin panel) the installed Mime types (searching for contains "iso" as extension) and it shows the following for...
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    Update Available Email bug

    Hi, DirectAdmin 1.33.3 is just out, and I manually updated it; yet when I received the cron report, it showed the following: DirectAdmin 1.33.3 to 1.33.2 update is available. Now, from my point of view, custombuild should not email if the installed version is newer than the available. As...
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    FTP accounts usage

    Hi, one of my clients has around 20 ftp accounts for different persons. They usually upload/download small files, and he keeps some archives in there for backup purposes (patients photos, etc). Now, lately his ftp bandwidth usage has more than double, and it happened some doctor leeched the...
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    SPAM going though

    Hi, I saw a huge email queue today (seems to come from one ip) and somehow it's able to relay though me (since I get error messages back) Any ideas on how it's being done? 2009-01-13 10:06:28 1LMlmd-0004UV-Vy <= (
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    Create a Weave 0.3 server with directadmin

    Hi, I checked and was wondering if any has this already running on their box? My main concern is the security it needs, but I would like to ask before jumping in if somebody has done it. Thanks Jose
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    phpmyadmin update available false positive

    Hi, I'm using custombuild 1.1.15, and I ran the following command: ./build update ./build versions which shows: Latest version of PHP (CLI): 5.2.6 Installed version of PHP (CLI): 5.2.6 Latest version of Apache: 2.2.10 Installed version of Apache: 2.2.10 Latest version of ProFTPD: 1.3.1...
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    Iphone push email on directadmin

    Hi, some of my clients lately have bought iphone's, and started to ask me about the possibility of offering push email. I've been looking around for an alternative and so far my findings show that the only way to make it work from the server is Zarafa; as all the others rely on other their own...
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    Torrentflux bandwidth control

    Hi, I installed torrentflux on my box to seed some linux distributions (got over 1TB of montly bandwidth unused and have no better idea to use it) I liked the idea of using a specific domain as to control the bandwidth usage and be able to put a limit on it. Yet after 2 days running it, it...
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    Subdomain Stats

    I love that finally Directadmin supports awstats as well as Webalizer. And the posibility to view both on domain level. Yet on subdomain level, it only shows awstats (in my case) and I have to manually navigate to webalizer page to view those. (As some clients prefer webalizer) So is there any...
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    apache 2.2 install problem

    I just got a new machine and installed directadmin there, decided to go with custombuild since the beginning and during the ./build all d I got the following error: /bin/sh /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/httpd-2.2.9/srclib/apr/libtool --silent --mode=compile gcc -g -O2 -pthread...