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    Heartbleed, OpenSSL, FreeBSD checks and updates.

    Some notes which may be of use to other Freebsd Users experiencing similar issues. 1. freebsd-update to get the latest patched version of of the BASE install you are using. This will take care of the libssl which comes with the OS. 2. You must check for other versions of libssl on your...
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    Moderating Brute force attacks to smtp auth

    Hi I used this to automatically block brute force dictionary smtp auth attacks to my smtp server: tail -f /var/log/exim/rejectlog | grep "535 Incorrect authentication data" | grep "" | awk '{ gsub(/\[/,""); gsub(/\]:/,""); print $8 } ' | xargs -I'{}' /sbin/ipfw...
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    Admin backup/transfer - observations

    I recently moved between servers using the admin backup/tranfer tool and it was mostly a smooth operation. Here are some observations and a few feature requests: Backup Side : I found I had to disable some services and reboot the server then do tha backup, else I would get all sorts of problems...
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    Upgrading to freebsd 6.2

    Hi, Im planning to upgrade a production server from 5.4 to 6.2, any caveats I should watch out for? Realise that my da is build for 5.x, but installing the 5.x compatibility libs should provide for this, or not? Please let me know your experiences, Thanks Max
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    Disable Catchall feature

    Greetings!! Is there a way to disable catchall feature? I would prefer it if users could not see the option in the control panel and that it cannot be enabled. I am getting huge amounts of bounces to many domains, probably a virus or zombie spoofing the addresses. Thanks in advance!
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    Mass Subscribe to Mailing List

    Hello, How would I add a list of 5000 email adresses and names to the Mailing List on Directadmin? (one by one is not an option :-) One of my clients operates a newsletter and I swuggested he use my hosting and the mailing list manager to send them out, he does it manually at the moment, takes...
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    Upgrade fomr 5.3 to 5.5

    Hello, I'm considering upgrading to 5.5 using this process: The server is a live one, so just want to guage how many others have done this and if Directadmin is affected in anyway. Anything to lookout for would also be apreciated. Thanks