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    DirectAdmin Love

    Hi Guys, i first started in this industry with DirectAdmin as control panel during 5 years then life brought me to another company that is using Plesk panel and i tried hard to make then switch to Directadmin but unfortunately it never happened now i have my own company and i can say im...
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    Question about xinetd

    Hi guys, its been a long time now that i could come here ive change job so not working anymore with my beloved DirectAdmin now im stuck the most horrible cp ever seen for me ( Plesk ) working hard to make things change here and migrate DirectAdmin But for the moment i got a weird...
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    Apache 2.4 keep crashing with errors

    Hi, we use the new version of apache 2.4 with mod_ruid2 but it remain unstable for some reason and apache keep crashing. here the logs i got the problem that make apache crash remain in the "couldn't grab the accept mutex" any way to fix this ? [Mon Nov 11 11:07:03.105961 2013]...
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    Exim caching dnsbl ?

    Hi recently i got serious problem with Exim i can't find how to fix it. for some reason the dnsbl system of exim keep blocking good email. and this is happening only with so then i tested manually the ip adress on the barracuda site which tell me that the ip has...
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    Enable the supoprt of DNS BIND view Clause with DA

    it would be very usefull if DA could support the use of view clause in named.conf so we can setup dns partition for external and internal... like DA could list all zone in a file /var/named/dazone.conf and include it with the external view clause that own his specific acl and option and so the...
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    yum update

    hi, noticed yesterday yum update of perl on some CentOS distro... and so ? you may think. well my question is why yum update reset chmod 755 and chown perl back to root:root ??? i use to set it 705 and root:access is there a way to make yum respect existing perms ? thanks.
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    DA command line to supend email

    hi, just curious to know if it is possible to suspend email account from dataskq command system account OR not, may be the command is different can't say Thanks.
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    cgi-bin weakness after conpromized ftp access

    Hi, figured that the best way to hack server is to hack to end-user itself... some of my customers got FTP access compromised and some hacker dude used it to run, in cgi-bin... some very malicious perl script. so my question is how can i set every user.conf option cgi=off and prevent users...
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    block MIME types

    Hi, for a very important security reason, i have to find a way within the httpd.conf and / or the htaccess to block every mime type execpt php and html all other need to be forwarded to a 404 or 403 if any of you have clue about this. Thanks.
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    website coded in python ?

    Hi , was just curious to know what you guys think about website coded in python... im not familiar to python website ( run in cgi ) but i do know python is hacker's language... is using this language as website a security risk ? what is the gain ? is there something you can do in python that...
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    update version with exim_conf

    Hi, i got a question about custombuild and exim_conf option... first.. does this option is the way to install SpamBlocker.. if yes why custombuild, from a fresh server install, install / update the version 2.1.1 of spamblocker. even after a ./build clean then update then exim_conf...
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    suphp + suhosin question

    is it possible to install / compile php with Suhosin + suphp with custombuild ? if yes how thanks
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    how to disable eval php function

    Hi, haven't found anything useful information regarding how to disable eval() under php.ini because it is a language construct. but is there anyway to disable it or overwrite it without suphp ? thanks
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    Duqu + Centos 5.x

    related to this article i just wondered if you guys noticed something strange on your servers? probably im a bit late about this but seams like there is no notification around here yet and i think its important to shared this info. Command and control servers...
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    DA + exim bug

    Hi, im not sure if i post it in the right section but this bug is amazing to me. here an example 2012-02-21 13:52:59 1Rzupf-0001Kd-Hg <= [] P=esmtp S=4464 id=002d01ccf0ca$0758c560$160a5020$@com T="test" from <> for...
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    unknow error in errortaskq.log

    2012:02:01-04:21:29: ConfigFile::fillFromPost(NULL) : Code last flagged at: getlock(./data/users/username/domains/ : finished the file exist but it is empty... anyone know why this error happen ?
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    wemail and mailbox space left ?

    i wondered if there is any solution to make roundcube or whatever webmail used with DA to display the mailbox space bar so each user can see how full is their mailbox ? or we need to craft a little plugin with the da api thanks
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    wierd question from a user

    i got one of my user asking me to use the function FileInfo to validate the MIME type of the current file based on certain bites in the file itself instead of just the file extension... this is weird to me because...whats the point of using MIME type if you can fake example a .jpg file that...
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    main htacess ?

    hi, weird question i wondered if there is a kind of "main htaccess" that would filter every single apache request on a shared host server this is to prevent duplicating htaccess rules in every domains etc... thx
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    DA remove IP bug

    in the DA admin panel under IP Management, when i remove non-owned ip address this address is still in the ifconfig list but does not appear in the ip list of DA... looks like there is no validation if the ip has correctly been removed. thanks