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    Automatically check php mail log and send daily mails

    Hi i wrote s simple bash script that will check php-mail.log of users and will send an email if it exceed specific size. it will help to find spammer scripts and delete or warn users to stop bots from using server resources. Please feel free to improve this script and share it here if you like...
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    awstat icons should be symbolik link

    i found that in every user hosting account , there is an awstats/icon folder with 2mb size , and some static files. this folder shuld be a symbolic link , for resource it use on disk space , and backup/restore time.
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    RoundCube display login page on every page

    i upraded roundcube soma weeks ago after thar when any user login to it , it display login page again on every request other webmails work correctly what is problem ?
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    Transfer Data from old HDD

    Hi my old hdd crashed and we install a new OS on new HDD we have all data on old hdd how can we transfer all users from old HDD ? we have access to /usr/local/directradmin data also where db user/pass for users stored ? Thank u all
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    backup run at invalid time

    hello recently i upgraded server with yum my backups now start to run in ~6:30 pm and server load become high , but i seted up cron backup to run at ~3:30 am ! server time zone is +3:30 where i should check to solve this ?
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    open_basedir not present in user

    i have default DA template with this lines : |*if OPEN_BASEDIR="ON"| php_admin_value open_basedir |OPEN_BASEDIR_PATH| |*endif| |*if SUPHP="1"| suPHP_Engine |PHP| suPHP_UserGroup |USER| |GROUP| |*endif| but user httpd.conf has not php_admin_value...
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    DA port not accessible

    recentrly our directadmin port is not accessible some times, and after restart directadmin service it work again. (directadmin is running but not respone till restart) any soloution to avoide this ?
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    Expire Date

    it is very helpful if there was an option to set exp date for users by resellers and admins. so managing users become easyer.
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    phpMyAdmin without password

    a user shuldn't save all database users info .. so he should be able to login to phpmyadmin trough his control panel without entering his user/pass (like cpanel) it can be done by storing db users info on DA database.
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    Bug : old_public_html_link=1

    Bug : we change to old_public_html_link=1 in conf file and restart DA, when we set domain as default in domain user control panel symbolc link was not created because directory with that name exist. we shuld delete dir manuly for this to work please correct it.
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    search domain

    Bug : when search for a domain on main contol panel page there is show nothing, when click again on search button on new page it show result.
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    remove write permission for group and others in folders

    to remove write permission for group and others in folders and solve suexec problem with 777 folders you can run this command : find /home/*/domains/*/public_html -print0 -type d | xargs -0 chmod go-w
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    there is no suexec_log

    there is no /var/log/httpd/suexec_log on my server i compile apache with custombuild default options i can see suexec log on domain error log but i cannot see /var/log/httpd/suexec_log
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    How to install fastcgi

    how to install fastcgi for a php5 only server? i buld php and apache with custombuild and compile php with fastcgi option, i also install fastcgi to apache, but i dont know what config shuld i do to activate it this is very helfull in this forum.
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    fastcgi without suphp

    hello i read on forum that suphp is an option , so how to disable it ? and here i see a line wrote ""--enable-fastcgi"" , is it possible to have fastcgi witouth suphp ? please answer this today because i have to install such a server. Thank u
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    Apache2 + mpm_worker + php5 + fastcgi

    Hello is this config can be done with DA ? Apache2 + mpm_worker + php5 + fastcgi (not Suphp) does DA has a install script to choose these options ?