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    CHANGE LIMIT/QUOTA > can't save

    Hi User level > E-Mail Accounts > CHANGE LIMIT/QUOTA > change to "unlimited" > button "save" can't click!
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    Plugin width bug

    Hi In all plugins (like CustomBuild 2.0/ cwaf / etc...) width size not 100% also you need to remove scrollbar ...
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    Schedule Backup > WHEN bug

    Click see step 2 > WHEN #All Users #All Users Except Selected
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    All users sort by Suspended

    Hi In old skin we can sort table by Suspended need to add this colum to new skin.
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    Nav buttons also on top tables

    Hi In list users and other page with this nav: Please put this also on top of tables > we need to scroll to down of page for go page X...
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    Schedule Backup > list users > SCROLL PAGE

    When we create new Schedule Backup becuase we have lot's of users the page SCROLL in big see the screenshot: Please put all the list in box with scroll (like old skin)... also when edit Schedule Backup...
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    Modify Backup Schedule > can't click on top menu

    When Modify Backup Schedule > can't click on menu show screenshot
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    Mail Queue Administration > not order by Sender

    In >Mail Queue Administration click top "Sender" to order table > not the same like old skin
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    Top search for E-mail of user when create

    Hi When we create new user we add E-mail for this user that all details sent ... When we try to search this email we get "No results"...
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    cron-jobs - user as link

    Hi In admin level - "All User Cron Jobs" > add user name as link to quick login ...
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    Resend Welcome E-mail

    Hi When click on - Resend Welcome E-mail - on popup box "Send To:" > show email not of user mail .. other mail ...
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    Design not save under user inside ressller

    Hello Change logo + colors for Evolution inside resseller account > apply to all users under this ressleller Login as user > nothing saved ...
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    Login page - click Twice

    Hi Please fix login page Need to click Twice to login Chrome last + windows 10 pro Thank you.
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    Domain-Link in new window

    Hi Please open domain link in new window thank's
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    Qestions for new skin

    Hello and sorry for my bad English Yesterday I installl the new skin Evolution + Pre directadmin last. 1) In > when message stuck - i try to check V and delete some messages not work even one by one. - only when inside message i can delete it. 2) when I try...
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    Directadmin VS CWP

    Hello, and sorry for my bad English. One of our client have website that only support PHP 5.2.X and all our servers with 5.6+ / 7.0 / 7.1... So.. I create VM for him and Install free Control Panel ( - first time to install that) becuase he only want some time that he...
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    Alias folder

    Hello, I have this server: OS: Centos 7 (last) Directadmin: 1.514 (last) CSF: V10.14 (last) Custombild: V2 php1_release=5.3 php1_mode=mod_php opcache=no ioncube=yes zend=yes suhosin=no mariadb=10.1 webserver=apache apache_ver=2.4 In the server I have 3 resselers with total...
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    Bugs new skin

    Hello and sorry for my bad English. First, thank you for the new skin !!! best Directadmin !!! The new skin is very white... I think all the input field and lines need to be little more dark... AND IT'S LOOK LIKE WEBSITE NOT SYSTEM MANAGER! Dashboard page is very bad (to me only), i think the...
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    BUG: Suspend every night

    Please help me. I have server Centos 7 with Directadmin (last version 1.512) with 500 website and 300 users... every night only one website go Suspend and we need to unSuspend it manually. Why this happen and how can i fix this ? thank you!
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    Backup features

    Hello and sorry for my bad English. We have 3 servers: 1) Linux (centos 7) with Directadmin - 150 users 2) Linux (centos 6) with Directadmin - 200 users 3) Windows server with storage disk and ftp server. In directadmin panel we do FTP-backup (admintools -> Admin Backup/Transfer), from server...