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    incomplete transaction closed by QUIT

    Hi all, I have been strugling all day allready for a vps customer of us. What they do is the following: The have a vmware Zimbra server with many email accounts the send mail true on account on the vps server (authenticated) and the mail then (should) get sended to the reciever this has been...
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    Bybass helo check for certain sender host

    Hi all, In exim.conf section 27 we have the following: When or vcenter sends alert message's the are rejected on the R1 section. What i want is to skip this checks if its from or vcenter server how can that be done ?
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    Php 5.2 and 5.5 with cb 1.x

    Hi all, I have try'd several things to accomplish to have primary php running 5.2 as it is now and add secondairy php version php 5.5 as my box is a production version with script running that have been written from 2007 so i need to have 5.5 as second. I have searched the forum and found a...
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    Dovecot imap login authentication failled

    Hi, After 3 days of searching and testing i have no idea anymore what my issue could be. This is whats been done and the issue is. We migrated a reseller from a centos 5 server with latest directadmin and dovecot and exim and exim.conf spamblocker The new server has the same setup latest...
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    DNSSEC for fully qualified subdomains

    Hi, We are currently implenting dnssec for all of or domains we are using post script to send the keys to the registry's thats working ok for a few test domains. What im not sure about and a test didnt work is how to use fully qualified subdomains with dnssec. I have try'd adding the zsk key...
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    server hack

    Hi all, Last night he faced a hack on one of or servers, someone from russia was able to upload a file to a domain on the server and after that all index.php files of all domains of that user where edited on the top there was a extra code that corrupted the index pages: aka<?php ob_start(); ?>...
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    550 Bad HELO - Host impersonating domain name

    Hi All, Ok we got the strange issue with one of or reseller customers. He used to have all his domains on 1 account on 1 reseller server. Becouse of update to php5.3+ we moved on of his domains to another server. Now if he sends from the new server an email to an email adres on the old server...
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    Problems with fsockopen and socket address ipv6

    Hi all, We noticed the following issue, we use fsockopen for example fsockopen('',43, $errno, $errstr, 10); to query whois servers for domain statuses. We use ipv4 and ipv6 on the same server and we use the ip link function build in direct admin these days. The problem...
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    Phpmyadmin notworking after cb update to 1.441

    Hi, After updating direct admin to latest release (1.441) we notice some issues with certain functions. We use mod_ruid2 with cb. If customers want to go to /phpmyadmin/ or /webmail/ or want to use sendmail it doesn't work any more. My guess is that it comes by the change in feature...
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    Mysql --log-slow-queries

    [SOLVED] Hi all, If have tryd a few things allready but i am unable to add this function to mysql I have added to the /etc/my.cnf but when i try to start mysqld again it failed with error: How do you have to add it to mysql ?
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    Admin backup system error

    Hi All, We see the following error message comming up during nightly backupsv this happens on more then one server on certan user accounts anyone have an idea what it could be ?
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    Admin level backup system

    Hi all, We noticed that if you use the backup system to transfer accounts to other servers and off course select the shared server ip of the new server to use as ip address that when restoring the full dns zone gets reset to the default dns template as created by directadmin. So for example we...
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    Cgi script not working

    Hi all, On a few new servers we are now running apache 2.4* version a new customer we had today uploaded a cgi script but it doesnt seem to work. After a few hour looking and comparing it indeed doesnt work even a simple script like hello world doesnt work but you get redirected to the main...
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    Big reseller account issue

    Hi all, We are currently facing a big issue with one of or customers reseller accounts. The server load is high becouse of this account memory only 75% use cpu's 50% but load is about 8. When running the nightly admin backups the load spikes higher and will take about 10 till 15 hour to...
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    Dns dkim webinterface bug or not ?

    Hi all, I have noticed the following but im not sure if this either is a bug or its not possible to do it this way. We have a dns cluster running with multi cluster setup with 2 seperate dns servers. We have a customer who has a vps server now but still running its domain on or nameservers...
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    Query whois servers ipv4 and ipv6 issue

    Hi all, Im currently fased with a issue that i can't seem to figure out. The server is by default installed with ipv6 and added ipv6 after install added ipv6 addresses true direct admin interface all working fine. All ipv4 and ipv6 ip addresses are working fine but the issue that i have is many...
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    Admin backup issue

    Hi All, For the past 4 days the admin backups fail during the nightly backups on one of or servers. Where getting an ncftpput server said permission denied on the /home/tmp directory I have allready tryd to set all right correctly using /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/ set_permissions...
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    file rights wp-config changed

    Hi all, For the past copple of month we have a issue on one of or servers its the newest one we have got running. It runs apache 2.4x php 5.4x latest release direct admin and mod_ruid2 and config server firewall. One multiple diffrent accounts cq website the wp-config.php file file rights got...
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    Admin backup issues

    Hi All, At the moment we are having major issue's with the admin backup function on one of or servers. We have set up nightly backups of all user accounts and transport them true ftp to a external storage. The ticket message in da says the backup was created succesfully but there is no file...
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    Removing file issue

    Hi all, We got a complaint from a customer that he could not remove a certan directory. After investigating me noticed that there is a hidden file (best guess) ls on the file says: when running ls -l: rm says: I have searched on google and found all kinds command for rm but none are...