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    Questions about Securing DirectAdmin

    I've read this forum thread, but I'm not sure if anything in it is up to date enough to even still use. Forum Thread: I know that APF and BFD have pretty much been replaced with CSF and BFM, but what about DDoS Deflate and RkHunter? Should I...
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    [Feature Request] Integrate DMARC and DKIM into DirectAdmin Automatically

    I'm requesting that DMARC and DKIM be installed along with everything else on install of DirectAdmin. My reasoning for this is DMARC and DKIM are standards now and almost every email provider not only requires all email to be DMARC and DKIM but also uses it themselves.
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    Outgoing Email not encrypting

    Alright I'm not sure if this is a Dovecot or an Exim Problem, but none of my outgoing/sent email is encrypted. I've got Let's Encrypt running and installed properly. I've run every command zEitEr has posted in this thread and everything has returned with a response. The only thing I can't do is...
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    Reverse-proxy nginx + apache modifications

    Is it possible to get the reverse-proxy nginx + apache modified to where I can configure the additions installed with nginx? I'd like to host a small file sharing website and would like to use the nginx rtmp plugin for live streaming and recording. Is it possible?
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    phpmyadmin error

    So I'm getting this error when I try to login to phpmyadmin Error #2002 - No such file or directory. Now the server is setup and running properly, I can still install databases but I cannot edit anything in them using phpmyadmin. Also when trying to install stuff through Softaculous I get a...
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    Enable BFM

    I couldn't find anything up to date about Brute Force Monitor, was wondering if someone could clue me in as to where I can find instructions on how to enable it as I keep getting hammered. I've got Config Server Firewall installed, Custombuild Plugin, and Softaculous for easy script...
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    Problem with saving directadmin administrator settings

    Ok just newly installed on Debian 7.9 64-bit using latest version of DirectAdmin with Custombuild 2.0 Was having a database issue with the mysql sock found that the sock was in the /tmp/ folder instead of elsewhere. My current problem though is this: Cannot find the script in /etc/systemd/system...