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    Installatron plugin integration in evolution skin

    Hi, This is new since last update to 1.59.5, perhaps it is because of an installatron update, perhaps it is Directadmin. The integration now is that it operates in an frame/iframe and because of that it is fairly unusable on the evolution theme with a lower screen resolution. To give you an...
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    DirectAdmin 1.59.5 has been released

    Since this update when logged in as admin and then from there temporarily login as user I get thrown out of admin mode and have to login again. Note that in my case admin mode has "enhanced" skin and user is using "evolution" skin. Not a huge issue, but figured you might want to know.
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    Problem with spam

    Hi, I was going through the junk folder on my company main ( email account. That email is not hosted by myself for reasons of having a backup plan in case my email server goes down, instead it is hosted by What caught my eye was that some spam was sending emails to...
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    Move from yum maintained mysql to DA maintained

    Hi, Was just looking at upgrading mysql 5.6 to mysql 5.7 and wondered if I had installed mysql via DirectAdmin on my CentOS 6.10 host. Unfortunately not. # yum list installed | grep -i mysql MySQL-client.x86_64 5.6.42-1.el6 installed MySQL-devel.x86_64...
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    Sieve script will not work for main account

    Hi, Using DirectAdmin 1.54.1, roundcube - latest, dovecot 2.3.4 with pigeonhole. For a customer of mine I made the mistake in the past to actually use the email account that comes with the main user account. They have a bunch of additional email accounts and down there pigeonhole works fine...
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    Your IP is blocked

    Hi, This is not a question as in that I know how-to solve it and have resolved it already. Just reporting it as I think it is a change in behavior with the new skin. Using DirectAdmin 1.54.1 with the new skin enabled. As I had changed internet providers for the office a couple of months ago...