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    nginx 1.10.3
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    Nginx (SSL) issues

    Hi, iPhone 5s (IOS 9.1) can't access to my website "Safari cannot open the page because the network connection was lost". Android + Desktop can access to my website normal. Also i have tested with SSL Labs and get 2 errors: - Chain issues Incorrect order, Contains anchor -...
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    DirectAdmin Web Control Panel 1.483 - Multiple Vulnerabilities

    I was read the topic follow Please look it and fix it soon. Regards,
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    issues memcache vs php-fpm55

    hi, i have build memcache vs php-fpm55, when done and restart php-fpm55 i got the issues below
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    Upgrading MariaDB 5.5.41 to 10.0.18 have error

    I installed new Directadmin on Centos 7.1 then i upgrade Mariadb 5.5 to Mariadb 10 and have error/logs. Hope logs on below will helpfuls for fixing. Upgrading MariaDB 5.5.41 to 10.0.18 Preparing packages... MariaDB-client-5.5.41-1.el7.centos.x86_64 Preparing packages...
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    Varnish Cache for Directadmin

    Hi, There is first time i write script the Varnish Cache for Directadmin. It installer easy and really performance. Install instruction: wget -O chmod +x sh P/s: Sorry for my poor...
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    Process PHP send email

    Hi, Im running DA with Nginx_Apache + FastCGI and it take load high CPU. What issues i got? I checked this file php-mail.log but it empty file. Regards,
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    PHP-FPM use CPU twice than suPHP

    Hi, Earlier, i use Custombuild (CB) 1.2 with options: Apache - suPHP + Danginx plugins. Now, i upgrade to CB 2.0 with default options: Nginx_apache + PHP-FPM (not use Danginx plugins). I have configured Nginx (CB 2.0) near same as Danginx plugins but CPU still usage high. The visitor has...
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    Error nginx_apache

    Hi, I installed new Directadmin with Nginx_apache. I have error with below: Centos 6.6 64bit. Regards,