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    exim error: data timeout (message abandoned)

    i am noticing these errors in my exim mainlog: 2006-01-18 10:23:49 1Ez9So-000269-Ly SMTP data timeout (message abandoned) on connection from ( [] F=<> i already disabled spamassassin, but i still cannot receive mail from this server that...
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    pop3 and forwarder

    if a user creates an popbox: and a forwarder>, what happens to the email? Does it get saved inside the info popbox, and forwarded to Or doesn't is get into the popbox, and only forwarded to
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    replace harddisk / create backup image

    does anyone know a easy way to f.i. create a full image of /dev/hda, put that to a external ftp server, and restore that image again with a bootdisk or so, to a new HD
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    disk usage not shown correct

    i have 2 users complaining that there diskusage is not shown right in DA: 1 user has 6.5 M used: [root@server01 xcs]# du -sh 6.5M . but DA shows 13.5/10 used same for another user running the tally doesn't help
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    ssh hardening

    i want to secure my ssh a little more, besides the standard things: norootlogin, use other port, bfd, allow only my ips to use ssh. Now i would like to add something like, allow only 2 logins to ssh per minute or so, and use a rsa key. Does anyone hav a howto to this?
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    userbackup not working

    my userbackups stopped working from /var/log/errortaskq.log i get this: 2005:06:08-10:29:01: Unable to write /home/tmp/admin/atlantis/backup/ 2005:06:08-10:29:01: Unable to write /home/tmp/admin/atlantis/backup/ 2005:06:08-10:29:02: Error deleting...
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    different passes for DA and mysql

    can i use different passwords for DA login and mysql? A user wants to have different passes for his DA login and mysql db's. I know i can edit them, but i assume DA cannot backup that user anymore?
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    unable to add backup crons

    when i add new backupcrons in the userbackup section, i select all users, set the cron schedule, select ftp, but when i hit submit io get: Backups added to Queue Details You will be notified via the Message System when the process is complete and no cron gets added?
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    anything i can do: error: Could not get shadow information for NOUSER

    everyday i see this LARGE log file in my mail can i do anything about this? User ftp not allowed because not listed in AllowUsers error: Could not get shadow information for NOUSER Failed password for invalid user ftp from port 41496 ssh2 User mysql not allowed because account...
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    webmail inbox empty

    i have a user that complains his inbox from his webmail page is emptied, and he didn't delete any msg. Is there some sort of autodelete or something like that for msgs older then x days. Is webmail activity logged somewhere? I didn't empty any mail directory Personally i think they moved the...
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    server hacked?

    i am having troubles with my server. Last night i couldn't login because the server was unreachable by ssh, also after hard reset with the APC. This morning ssh is working again, only the password for admin is not accepted anymore by the server. I disabled direct root login, so thats not an...
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    small bug in

    with new new "New Random Password" option, there is a bug in the welcome message thats being send. The password for DA gets changed when you select that option, and in the welcome message the user gets thers the same new password for the login for the ftp account. Problem is, the password for...
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    clamav on a per user basis

    is it possible to setup clamav to scan msgs only for certain domains? just like SA is setup now?
  14. S not working, works fine

    i had to change my ipadres and license. Now, after using 2 sites are niot working anymore. f.i. doesn't work, but does work fine http://ip/~username works fine too what could have gone wrong?
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    user backups error

    i am having troubles backing up to ftp: User xx has been backed up. Warning: ftp_put(): php_connect_nonb() failed: Connection timed out (110) in - on line 35 Warning: ftp_put(): Type set to I in - on line 35 Error while uploading xx.tar.gz User xx has been backed up. Warning: ftp_put()...
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    asw.txt: anti-sanity worm?

    anyone know what this is: lots of entries in my logs --02:27:52-- => `asw.txt.529' Resolving done. Connecting to[]:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK Length: 3,341...
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    using 2nd HD for 1 user

    i wanted to use a 2nd HD for a user that uses very much HD space can i just symlink public_html to a dir on that 2nd HD? If so, what command do i use?
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    yum/rpm propblem

    something went wrong, cannot recall it, but when i do this, i get strange output. It used to work fine: [root@]# yum update Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/yum", line 22, in ? import yummain File "", line 21, in ? File "", line 18, in ? ImportError...
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    Exim+Exiscan+Clamav+RBL+Spamassassin+SARE+Razor+DCC would this, with the needed changes, be a good solution for DA?
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    better spam detection with SA

    currently theres a lot of spam coming through, when i disable spamblocker, and let SA decide whats spam and what not....What can i do to improve that?