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    I Need A Dedicated Server Immediately

    Hello, I'm an admin for a client of DA, with Installatron installed on it, and I'm looking for one, temporarily for about a few months or longer. He's paying $79 per month with about 120G of space and the bandwidth isn't bad either, but I don't need 120G of server space, as I'll be installing...
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    Can't Administrate Newly Created Domains

    Hello, I've been using DA for approximately 4 years now and all of a sudden when I register a new domain name and setup the account in the DA, it doesn't send out the new user email, and to top that off, when simply typing in the domain name the browser just gives a "Page Not Found" error...
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    A System For Recovering Forum Passwords

    Hello all, I forgot my forum password, so I had to register under this username because the form that is presented to fill out my email address is no good for a person like myself because I happened to forget what email address I used when I registered here. Since I'm running out of tries to...