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    FTP problem

    hi , we use directadmin with Pure-FTP , we open Passive ports 35000:35999 and 20,21 ports . we try resetting password for that account . but still we have problem in connecting to FTP with filezilla or etc : Status: Resolving address of Status: Connecting to...
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    high speed with Nginx ?

    hi , what is the best config with nginx ? which php Handlers is good to do it ? and i use nginx_apache on a website , when Online users more than ~200 , webserver not responded . what is the best way to optimize it for response to online users and speed up for Gtmetrix and Google insights ? ...
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    custom css

    hi , i've add custom css to Evolution Skin , but there is not option available like child-css to do not overwrite my changes in next update . how i can include a css file in Evolution Skin , even it updated my css option remain in theme ? thanks , hossein .
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    Translate system messages

    Hello , how we can translate system messages ? Thanks .
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    Translation error message

    Hi I want to know how i can translate message system and error message in new template ? Please guide me . Regards
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    problem on backup / Reseller Level

    Hi , i have a problem on reseller level , at the latest step , when i click on schedule , there is nothing happen :( it's on Reseller Level , on admin level it's works fine with same FTP details , but on reseller level not working absolute . anyone has this problem ? Thanks - Hossein
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    Hello , is this theme RTL supported now ? i want to start using and translating it .
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    URL with underscore error

    Hello , we have directadmin server afew months ago , URLs with underscore open easily , but in the new install yesterday , we get error : Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Additionally, a 400 Bad Request error was encountered while trying to use an...
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    serve ip logged

    Hello , in my server , Main Ip of the server , Logged in all of the sites , and my Statistics show the server IP in all sites . any body can help me in this problem ?