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    DA on the go?

    Greetings everyone Does anyone have any recommendations for administering DA on the go? I haven't found a mobile theme for DA, but there seems to be 2 DA clients for the iOS devices on the market If you are using either of this, do share...
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    DA say that user already exists?

    Greetings all While creating a user, my internet connection got disrupted. I try creating the user again...but DA says that the user already exists. And yet this user does not appear in the list at CMD_USER_SHOW Can anyone advise please?
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    How to change the IP address of NS2 to an DNS external server instead?

    Greetings My DA box has been set up in the following manner for the name servers ns1 - IP 1 on DA box ns2 - IP 2 on DA box ns3 - external DNS slave server I would like to change ns2 to point to the external DNS slave server, instead of the second IP on the DA box I tried to delete the ns2...