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    Openlitespeed default admin?

    I noticed when custombuild was updating that litespeed has a web interface. I opened up the port to myself but it requires a login. I found online that the default is admin 123456 but that does not work. I used custombuild to install litespeed, where do I find the password?
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    New Cloudlinux settings?

    I noticed a few lines being added regarding cloudlinux. Is there documentation available on the purpose of these options? (I searched KB and version history but it was not mentioned so far). #CloudLinux Settings cloudlinux=no cloudlinux_beta=no cagefs=no
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    Exim versions?

    I have noticed the DA KB now refers to ./build set eximconf_release 4.5. Currently my options.conf is still set to 4.4 (I even had one with 4.3 listed). When I went to Google I couldn't find version info, the oldest on GitHub is 4.5. However according to system info the sever seems to be...
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    CentOS 7 vs 6 performance?

    I am trying to find performance benchmarks on CentOS 7 vs CentOS 6. So far I only found something really old that compares RC with an old version of CentOS 6. Does anyone know of any more recent tests?
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    Excluding Installatron backups from DirectAdmin backups

    I encourage my users to use Installatron to make an automatisch daily/weekly/monthly backup. These are placed in /application_backups in the user home folder. Unfortunately this means they get added to home.tar.gz inside the directadmin user/reseller/admin level backups. Basically I am making...
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    Sending mail through another DA server

    I have a new server that has a really low mail volume (e.g. 1-10 mails per day) and it is causing me headaches with Microsoft (Hotmail, live, outlook) delivery. For example their tools only start working from 500 daily volume. For the next 6-12 months I would like to have these mails send...
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    Mail in Directadmin: Dovecote, exim and imap I am confused!

    I would like to have a better understanding of how directadmin handles email. When I check my options.conf from /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild it will say the following: #Mail Settings exim=no eximconf=no eximconf_release=2.1 blockcracking=no easy_spam_fighter=no spamassassin=yes...
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    Cronjob to ftp upload backups without creating them

    DiretAdmin has a nice built in functionality to create backups and upload them to a remote location through ftp. Now this is working fine but I would like to mirror these files to another location. There is really no need for my server to create new tar.gz files. So basically I want to upload...
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    Moving website between two directadmin servers that are sharing zones?

    Hi there I am unsure how to proceed here. Normally I test my website by transferring the reseller backup to another directadmin install. Then I import it there using local ip. I change system32/hosts on my private pc so that I can only I visit this server so I can safely test website changes...
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    Where to add the APC related code in php.ini

    Hi there. I am following this tutorial: Unfortunately it did not exactly tell me where to add the apc related code. I decided to add it to the end of the file like this [xsl] ; Write operations from within XSLT are disabled by default. ...
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    Recursion no?

    On my latest vps the CSF firewall gave me a notice regarding "Check for DNS recursion restrictions". So I checked my other VPS and noticed an addition by my host to named.conf: Which explains why there are no DNS related warnings for that VPS. Is there a downside to disabling this function? I...
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    I was wondering why my centos was using 400MB swap when I have 200MB ram unsused (and 1000MB available). I googled and found the swappiness setting. Now I can perfectly change it BUT on a reboot I lose the setting. According to google it should be in /etc/sysctl.conf but that file is pretty...
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    Starting with DNS

    I have been running my CentOS6 VPS with DirectAdmin for a few months now. However so far I have been registering domains at a wholesale company and have been using their nameservers. Now the downside is that DNS control on my directadmin has no effect at all. From Google I have learned that...
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    Should I update to Centos 6.6

    I noticed yum offers an update from 6.5 final to 6.6. Anyone that already has experience with updating? Are there issues I should know about?
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    Configure Cent OS and Directadmin to work with 1 GB ram?

    I found this guide that promises you to let you run 5-10k visitors per day with a 500MB vps. Personally I have about 2-3K visits across all sites, +- 5 wordpress sites and the larges has a MYSQL database of 10 MB. One would...
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    Permission issues with Wordpress and default DirectAdmin install

    My wordpress installs are having some issues on my new DirectAdmin server. There are two problemes -I cannot install/update unless I set all folders to 777 (instead of 755) -Plugins like W3 totalcache are generating folders under the username "apache" instead of appropriate the directadmin...
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    Unable to fix Roundcube

    Hi there, I am having some trouble using roundcube. In the FAQ I found instrucitons: Unfortunately I am stuck at dropping the table: mysql> DROP DATABASE da_roundcube; ERROR 2013 (HY000): Lost connection to MySQL server during query mysql> quit...
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    Big issue with password that was changed after backup

    Ok so I made an error. On my new DA panel I created a reseller (lets say magistar).After a few days I decided to import my domain, which was also named exactly the same. Except it was a user. So from the admin I imported the user backup. Now my reseller's password was changed and I have no...
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    Where do I put my own domain

    Hi there. I recently acuired a full DA account with administrator acces. I am still unsure where to place my own domain. 1) On the admin user at "user level" 2) On the reseller user at "user level" 3) As seperate user within a reseller package 4) ??? What would be most beneficial?
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    Reseller: How to change DNS with DNS disabled

    Hi there, I have some packages where I disabled DNS control. However I need to modify something myself there. Is there someway I can do this as reseller? Right now I temporarily switch the account to enable DNS control and then switch it back. It is not the most efficient way. regards