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    I`am looking for an engeneer

    Hi, I`am looking for an technical engeneer who can install MRTG incl gbgraph ore something like that on 2 machines, Install virus scanners (Exiscan + ClamAV) on at least 5 servers. Please send me a mail to: info [at] deltaned [dot] nl with your price and time to do this installations. Thanks
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    virus scanner (Exiscan + ClamAV) howto

    Hi, Who can write an howto to activate and install the virus scanner(s) for a Fedora core 2 machine with DA Exim 4.50 I just think about: Exiscan + ClamAV The Howto in this forum are not updated anymore.
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    SNMP is not supported by your PHP installation.

    Hi, For a script I need the SNMP module from PHP. As: I add into: configure.php the line: --with-snmp \ After ./build php I get the error: checking for SNMP support... yes checking OpenSSL dir for SNMP... no checking for net-snmp-config... no...
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    falling down

    Hi, A little backup machine will fall down every time when the server need something to do. In the /var/log/httpd/error_log i see the follow: Mon Feb 14 05:46:02 2005] [notice] Apache/1.3.33 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.8.22 OpenSSL/0.9.7a PHP/4.3.10 mod_perl/1.29 FrontPage/ configured --...
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    backup FTP

    Hi, T try to backup userdate to an other directadmin server with FTP. I get the error: On the I get the follow error: Warning: ftp_put(): PORT command successful in - on line 31 Error while uploading admin.tar.gz All the files are 0 kb. how can I fix it?
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    stop sending spam

    Hi, I see one of my server is on the spam list of This server is owd by myself and it is for some fun domains. Now I try to find out what domain / script or something is sending spam to the mailtraps of I mailed but the can`t \ will not give me details of...
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    deamon mailer

    Hi, Has somebody make an mailer deamon on his DirectAdmin servers? I need one who can send mail to external mail accounts with some keyword into the original mail. For example, somebody is sending mail to in this mail there is on the 1st line an keyword. The deamon check the...
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    blocking mail from

    Hi, My server had an high load becouse exim was working to hard. Nu I switch off exim for a few hours, but after starting exim the server will be high loaded again. (so I switch off again) I see a lot of mail from 1 domain in the /vas/spool/exim/input dir. So I will block that one domain, how...
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    move user from server A to B

    Hi, What is the best way to move an user from server A (directadmin) to server B (directadmin) Only the IP change on server B I was thinking to backup the data on server A and restore on the server IP on server B but when the restore is ready the domain is not backupped...
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    DNS settings

    Hi, Where can I change the default DNS settings like the TTL time etc? I see now the A record of localhost will be set on the server IP adres and not on the IP Thanks for advice
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    Vacation Account

    Hi, I see when I add a Vacation Account the mail that was send into my pop3 mailbox, that is OK. The sender get an auto reply but my Vacantion start date will be: 07/28/2004 morning and not today. The startdate is: 07/28/2004 morning and end date is: 09/01/2004 evening How can I fix this so...
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    Hi, Are there some addons online like a forum, poll etc whet we can install for free use on the server / domains? Thanks for links etc
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    DNS forwarding

    Hi, A customer have an dedicated server and register a domainname on my DNS server. I put into MY dns the A records: a a On his server I add the domain: Into resellers aria I select his 2 IP`s and set for that domain...
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    can`t get login page

    Hi, I reboot a server with fedora 2 but now I can`t get the login page at: http://IP:2222 When I visit http://IP I see that apache is working. Into SSH I see with: service directadmin status that directadmin is running, but no login page. It is a clean new box and it was runnting without an...
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    server mail not sending

    Hi, I signup new domainnames to an server but the mail is not sending out of the mail adresses it use when I add an domain. When I check the ticket option the mail that told me there is an ticket is not sending to my mail adress (i never recieve it) Where can I loot to fix it?
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    Need some help

    Hi, I`am looking for a person who can "fix" 2 things on my server. - MRTG using trafic from the switch (Cisco Catalyst 2950) - Switch configuration (webbase + selfmade) please contact me on: for details and price.
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    cronjob error

    Hi, An customer have an script on his site so he can check every 24hr some names and iff needit there will send mails out. He make an cronjob but we get: /bin/sh: line 1: /home/username/domains/ Permission denied In his job.php he add...
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    Finding text on webpages

    Hi, Is it posible to start with a grep commando searching all public_html files fore some text or links? Iff yes, what command do i need?
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    suspending disk limit

    Hi, Is it possible to suspend a customer automaticly when he use more diskspace than the package (same option as the datalimit) Better is the option that FTP / Mail / WEB doesent accept more than the package. Now it is possibe that a customer that will have 100 MB disk space use 250 MB without...
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    up2date -u gcc error

    Hi, I install redhad 9 on my new machine but now I wish to install DA I get after up2date -u gcc the follow error. There was an SSL error: [('SSL routines', 'SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE', 'certificate verify failed')] A common cause of this error is the system time being incorrect. Verify that...