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  1. ericc

    Poll: how do you rate DirectAdmin support?

    Due to recent discussions on subject, it would be interestingto know, how do you rate your experience with DA support.
  2. ericc

    Installatron issues

    Evolution skin does not display Installatron apps correctly, actually it completely messes Installatron page.
  3. ericc

    DirectAdmin VPS in Europe 2018

    Hi, Could you recommend any European companies offering VPS with DirectAdmin licenses? OVH, Hetzner does not seem to provide DA anymore.
  4. ericc

    External DNS options in 2018

    Hi, Need to set up two external DNS servers for two dedicated servers running DA shared hosting accounts. What options would you suggest to disable built in DA DNS and route all DNS queries through external name servers? Non DA DNS servers preferred (to make solution more flexible and not tied...