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    Roundcube data not backedup

    Hello, I did an admin backup/transfer from one server to another and on the new server the user is complaining that all their data from Roundcube is gone... Is there anyway to backup/move the roundcube data? Thanks...
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    OpenBase and PHP SafeMode Needed?

    Are these needed any longer? As of PHP 5.3 they are deprecated and 5.4 will no longer support if I am reading correctly. Can I just disable all of this now? Thanks, Phil
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    50mb Mailbox Limit?

    Hey All, Just recently on new accounts DA has started to give a 50mb limit to all new email accounts. How can I set the default to unlimited? Thanks, Phil
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    Warning: ### emails have been sent yesterday by username

    I am getting this error all of a sudden. I keep getting it daily now and DA is the one sending it to the ticket system. "Warning: 1110 emails have been sent yesterday by username" Where is this set at? Is there a way to change the threshold? It appears that it is counting all forwarded...
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    Awstats and Static Html Files

    Hello All, With the new DA update there is now a cgi version of Awstats and I can disable all static html files according to the update. If I disable the static html is there a way to remove all listings from the pull down menu in DA except for the cgi listing? Also how can I delete all...
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    ImageMagick -or- GD

    If I have GD installed do I need to install ImageMagick? Can't I use one or the other? I have a client who states they need ImageMagick for some type of image manipulation. If I do actually need it does anyone know how to install it on a Fedora Box? Thanks, Phil
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    Easiest way to upgrade to php5

    Hello All, I am looking to upgrade my server to PHP5, what is the easiest way to do it? I am not using customapache, but would be willing to use it if it is easier but looking for instructions on how to do it. Thanks, Phil
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    No Username at Admin Level

    Hello All, I have a user that was setup but when I do a show all users from the admin level nothing shows up. If I do list users from the reseller level I get the username but nothing else beside it, all fields are blank? The user can login to DA but I have no record of the user from the admin...
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    Messages with no sender

    Hello All, How can I get the server to not accept emails without a sender address? I have a bunch of emails that are frozen in the mail queue without a sender address, they have <> instead... Is there a way to stop this? Is there any reason why I wouldn't want to stop it? Thanks, Phil
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    No Message ID

    Hello All, I am getting a ton of emails stuck in my queue with no message ID so I cannot delete them from the admin panel. Any ideas how to stop these? They seem to be some type of spam. Here is a sample: ID Time Size Sender Frozen Recipient(s) Select 70m 1JNiMi-0004Gf-Ff yes D...
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    User account missing?

    Hello, I have an account setup on the server but somehow the account info is all missing from DA. From the admin level I show all users and nothing is there for that account. Under reseller I can see the username but all the rest of the fields are blank across the screen. Any ideas? /Phil
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    Wordpress & Awstats

    Hello, On all my sites with Wordpress, when I try to access Awstats I just get the main domain instead of the Awstats in the /cgi-bin/ folder. Is there something I have to put in my .htaccess file for it to work properly? Thanks, Phil
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    Clean up old files

    I saw this command: echo "action=delete&value=mbox" >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue What does this actually do? Is there anyway to clean up all old unnecessary files left from the old mail/imap? Thanks...
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    Ok to delete customapache files

    Hello All, After downloading and building all custom apache/php/etc, can I delete all the extra files/directories inside of customapache? Thanks, Phil
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    Large Mailbox causes High CPU

    Hello, Most of my users are using mail clients with POP accounts. I have several users that have 150+MB mailboxes. It seems when these people check their mail they cause the server to have a high cpu usage and cause mail timeouts for others as well as make the whole server crawl. Can I do...
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    Error 1060 on backup restore

    Hello, I am getting the following error when I restore a clients backup from one DA server to a new one. Unable to restore database database.sql to database : ERROR 1060 (42S21) at line 12 in file: '/home/user/backups/backup/database.sql': Duplicate column name 'ID' Any Ideas? Phil
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    Allow Relay?

    Hello, How can I setup DA to allow relay for certain IP addresses? I have several servers that I need to allow scripts to send email from but the servers the scripts are on don't have any MTA's.. Is it possible to allow certain IP's to relay? If so how? Where? Thanks, Phil
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    Default DNS Setup

    Hello, Is there a way to change the default DNS setup when you create a new account? I would like to add an 'A' record for so that I can tell users to go to to access their email. Is this possible? If so how do I change the setup to do this? Lastly how...
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    Multi Server Error

    "Unable to open a socket" from server 1 to server 2 when I use the test connections. Any ideas why? These are both Fedora 4 boxes with DA. Thanks, Phil
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    Spam Assassin Default on all domains

    Hello, Is there anyway to make Spam Assassin work by default on all domains and not have to tell the user to login and activate it? Thanks, Phil