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    SSL installation problem with nginx

    hi i have reverse proxy nginx with apache i purchased the ssl and want install on my domain i installed with this guid : i select Paste a pre-generated certificate and key and then put my certificate after private key but when i check ssl with ssl checker...
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    Backup Problem with Mysql

    i installed DA with custombuild 1.2 but when i want backup to all my users i see this error : and when i try this guid step by step i dont solve the problem . when i try step 1 in this guid in cant use mysql command see the error : i dont see any thing (Like Mysql prompt) and when i try...
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    port 80 not working

    i have a server with cent os 6 x64 in this server port 80 dont work . when i installed apache 2.4.x with custombuild all of my website opens with https but dont open with http for example : when i type my ip in browser with https i see this : Apache is functioning normally but when i try...
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    how can i transfer Directadmin Lincese to my panel

    hi to all , i selling the DA life time License from other partner , but the partner havent good support , how can i transfer the license to mypanel ? can you give me correct help ? tnx
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    about php.ini restriction for all user in directadmin..

    hello to all . i see this topic of cpanel : the security trick in cpanel that restrict all users to use from php.ini and if one user need customization php.ini that need tell to...
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    how to remove moduser_dir module from Apache

    hi to all i want disable the moduser_dir module for all users !!! how can i disable or remove it !!! tnx
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    Disable Domain Setup For All Users

    hello , i reading this article in this article we can hide and block "Domain Setup" page for one user !!! but i want disable this option for all users . how i can do it ? tnx
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    filemanager not uploaded

    hi in Directadmin when i upload a file in filemanager file successfully uploaded but when i click go back i dont see that file and no file in filemanger see 1 , 2 attachments permission and owner is correct !! and qoute is unlimited . ----------------- how i can solve this problem ? tnx