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  1. Anton

    vbulletin hacked by bangladeshi hackers

    One vbulletin forum was hacked by bangladeshi hackers and after they ruin the forum i have been getting bombarded with this? what would you guys do in this situation 13803204610011 abc 1 pure-ftpd1 Sep 27 22:20:58 www pure-ftpd: (?@ [WARNING] Authentication failed...
  2. Anton

    IP question

    I have static ip and i can connect to my server but i have to port forward. I do not have the static ip address assigned to the box because it ****s up the dns so i am asking is it possible to have local ip on the server and have static ip forwarded to the box.. I think i know the outcome of...
  3. Anton

    Service monitor not showing all services running

    After the hardware upgrade on one server i was faced with this issue but everything is running as supposed but would be nice too see the services that are running so i can start stop or reload them dose anyone know what the problem might be ? I have included picture with my problem hope you...
  4. Anton

    Install lan driver from shell

    Hello all and thank you all for the help.. I bought a new ASRock b75 pro3 only for server working but i have run into one problem how to i install the lan driver ? i only have terminal and i am litle new to linux (centos) if someone could help me that would be great i have centos 6.3 dvd disk...
  5. Anton

    Mirror from on hdd to another on same machine just to have back up

    I was thinking about it is it wise to do i have done google search and got me to centos community and there i did not find any solutions that answered my question if you guys could help me i would be very thankful..
  6. Anton

    After doing an update

    after i did this cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild ./build update I get this error in ssh grep: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/local/lib/ file too short Cannot find Apache configure files. plz need help. and after i did yum update i get this...
  7. Anton

    Exclude yum update proftpd

    Running rpm_check_debug Running Transaction Test Transaction Check Error: file /etc/rc.d/init.d/proftpd from install of proftpd-1.3.3g-1.el6.x86_64 conf licts with file from package proftpd-standalone-1.3.3e-1.x86_64 file /etc/proftpd.conf from install of proftpd-1.3.3g-1.el6.x86_64...
  8. Anton

    ImageMagick-6.7.9-2 install

    Hello guys and sorry for this question for the 100th time :) but better to ask. Well i did follow this instructions but at no avail everything is at the right place but it just dose not work. can...
  9. Anton

    brute force attack

    IP has 122 failed login attempts: exim3=122 is it enough to add this ip to block in configserver firewall or is there something else i need to do to prevent this from happening ?
  10. Anton

    Issue installing over ssh

    I am having problem with installing directadmin over ssh have tried two diffrent ssh clients but both fail it just disconnect's altogether but not if i just got to the server and install on the server not over ssh anyone else having this same or has come across this issue.? server x64 and...
  11. Anton

    Is this something to have worries of ? what do you guys think

    Apache error log. Alot more lines i have not included in this post [Tue Jan 31 01:54:18 2012] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/html/404.shtml [Tue Jan 31 01:54:19 2012] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/html/pma2005 [Tue Jan 31...
  12. Anton

    You have a local DNS server running but do not appear to have any recursion restricti

    You have a local DNS server running but do not appear to have any recursion restrictions set. This is a security and performance risk and you should look at restricting recursive lookups to the local IP addresses only i get this when i run test security on csf and i have found this...
  13. Anton

    Happy new year directadmin users !!!

    I am a very happy directadmin user and just wanted to send my happy new year shout out to you all good people and hope 2012 will be very good for everyone here.. Best Regards Anton
  14. Anton

    You have /var partition. MAKE SURE* its adequately large (6 gig or larger)

    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda5 9.9G 384M 9.0G 5% / tmpfs 1004M 0 1004M 0% /dev/shm /dev/sda1 485M 45M 415M 10% /boot /dev/sda8 249G 188M 236G 1% /home /dev/sda7 1008M 34M 924M...
  15. Anton

    Transaction Check Error

    Transaction Check Error: installing package kernel-2.6.32-71.29.1.el6.x86_64 needs 13MB on the /boot filesystem Error Summary ------------- Disk Requirements: At least 13MB more space needed on the /boot filesystem. Strange this is what i get i run Transaction. I did set it to 40 mb as...
  16. Anton

    Cannot access folder i create in public_html

    I am also getting this error let's say this is my domain I cannot access the /stuff folder but i have forum installed /forum maby i can access it but not stuff i have something that users can download or a few mp3. Tracks i have made bytheway any help on this ? what...
  17. Anton

    Trying to connect to ftp

    I can connect to ftp i think but i get Timeout detected. Could not retrieve directory listing PORT command successful Error listing directory '/'. have no idea what this is ? any help appreciated
  18. Anton

    Need help on centos 5.6

    it seems i am missing out so very important partitions there if someone would be so nice of helping me :) If someone could tell me how to make partitions in ssh and maby with the noexec and nosuid security i have google'd it but i have not found reliable info Thank you all so much!
  19. Anton

    CentOS 6 Releases Directadmin works with this release right ?
  20. Anton

    Vbulletin 4.1.4

    Hello everyone what do you think directadmin admins here would say if i would offer them my vBulletin 4.x Publishing Suite for contribution for my appreciation on the directadmin software ?