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  1. sainikbiswas

    How do I deactivate a Modsecurity rule for a particular URL on OpenLitespeed?

    Hello, I have 2 questions, that I need help with 1> How do I deactivate a Modsecurity rule that was triggered for a particular URL which is a false positive. I was able to check the modsec_audit.log file to figure out that modsecurity was indeed that cause of the problem. But where do I make...
  2. sainikbiswas

    Does ComodoWAF Plugin for ModSecurity in DirectAdmin work with OpenLiteSpeed?

    I have a doubt on ModSecurity and OpenLiteSpeed. Does anyone who has any knowledge on this clarify my doubts? I am running a DA Server for testing. I initially installed nginx as reverse proxy with apache. I then installed ModSecurity Ruleset From Comodo which made the Comodo WAF
  3. sainikbiswas

    Need Help With Installing & Configuring ModSecurity in DirectAdmin

    Hello everyone, I am new to DirectAdmin and recently switched over from Cpanel around 2 weeks back. I have configured Apache With Nginx as Reverse Proxy as my Web Server using CustomBuild 2.0. For PHP the handler is set to PHP-FPM. I am running the latest version of DA. What I wanted to know is...